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1xBet Secures Official Betting Partnership for PGL Major Copenhagen

1xBet Secures Official Betting Partnership for PGL Major Copenhagen

PGL, the esteemed esports tournament organizer, has joined forces with 1xBet, the Cyprus-based online gambling company, for the highly anticipated PGL Major Copenhagen in Counter-Strike.

Set to take place from March 17th to 31st in Copenhagen, Denmark, PGL Major Copenhagen marks the first-ever Major in Counter-Strike 2. The qualifying events, known as RMRs, are scheduled to kick off in February.

While the terms and specific details of the partnership have not been disclosed by PGL, 1xBet proudly announced on its official website that it will be the “main partner” of the event.

PGL has described the collaboration as mutually beneficial, citing 1xBet’s track record of supporting major tournaments and popular teams. Despite requests for comment, PGL has remained tight-lipped about the specifics of the deal.

In addition to sponsoring various esports organizations and tournaments, 1xBet is a prominent partner of the ESL Pro League, HLTV’s Counter-Strike news site, and the Asia-focused esports team Talon Esports. The brand has also sponsored significant events like the Dota 2 Bali Major and the Skyesports Masters.

However, it’s important to note that 1xBet has faced controversy in the past. The company was declared bankrupt by a Dutch court in January 2023, though it denies this and continues operations. Furthermore, 1xBet lost its UK license in 2019 following an investigation by the Sunday Times, which exposed questionable practices such as the promotion of topless female croupiers and wagers on cockfighting and children’s sports. Prominent football clubs like Chelsea, Liverpool, and Tottenham severed ties with 1xBet as a result.

Majors hold a significant position in the Counter-Strike esports scene and are the only events in the game’s ecosystem to receive support and funding from Valve, the game developer. Qualified esports organizations receive in-game items that fans can purchase, generating substantial revenue.

By partnering with 1xBet, PGL aims to make the PGL Major Copenhagen an extraordinary and unforgettable event for Counter-Strike fans worldwide.

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