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Level Infinite Unveils Honor of Kings Global Invitational Series

Level Infinite Unveils Honor of Kings Global Invitational Series, Istanbul

In a groundbreaking announcement, Level Infinite has thrown open the doors to an electrifying global esports saga with the Honor of Kings Invitational Season 1.

The Invitational marks a thrilling kickoff, ushering in an era of competitive gaming that promises to captivate and engage mobile gamers, Honor of Kings fans, and esports aficionados worldwide.

Set against the stunning backdrop of the Grand Pera Emek Sahnesi Theatre in Istanbul, Türkiye, from March 2nd to March 10th, this premier event will see eight powerhouse teams battle for supremacy in the Honor of Kings arena. Among the contenders are Besiktas Esports from the renowned Turkish football club, the trailblazing Brazilian esports organization Vivo Keyd, and the formidable Saudi Arabian squad Twisted Minds. These teams will compete for not only a grand prize pool of $300,000 (~£236,709) but also a coveted spot in the next thrilling season.

The Honor of Kings Invitational is more than just a tournament; it’s the launching pad for the Honor of Kings Global Invitational Series. Announced in January 2024, the series plays a pivotal role in the mobile MOBA title’s ambitious global rollout, now gracing screens on Android and iOS devices across South Asia, Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa.

Fans of the genre might already recognize Honor of Kings through its global counterpart, Arena of Valor, launched with fanfare in 2016. But the Invitational Series ups the ante, leading into two spectacular seasons followed by the Midseason tournament at the Esports World Cup. This collaboration not only brings together the game and the iconic esports event but also introduces an exclusive in-game skin, adding to the excitement.

The vision for Honor of Kings reaches well beyond 2024. Level Infinite and Tencent have pledged a significant $15 million (~£11.8m) investment to supercharge the esports ecosystem around Honor of Kings. This infusion will support the expansion of international tournaments and the formation of local leagues, including Brazil’s Pro League, ensuring the game’s vibrant legacy continues to grow.

James Yang, Senior Director at Level Infinite’s Global Esports Center, captures our collective enthusiasm perfectly, saying,

“The Honor of Kings Invitational Season One tournament is our official kickoff of the new Global Invitational Series. We’re thrilled to pull back the curtain on the future of Honor of Kings esports and look forward to showcasing the potential of this game as a competitive title alongside its official launch in new regions around the world.”

Get ready to join us on this formidable quest for glory. In every corner of the globe, we’re bringing you heart-pounding battles, awe-inspiring talent, and an esports adventure like no other. Honor of Kings isn’t just a game; it’s a worldwide phenomenon setting the stage for the future of mobile competitive gaming. Welcome to the Honor of Kings Invitational. The battle begins now!

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