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Free Fire MAX Iron Rave Ring Event: All You Need to Know

Garena Free Fire MAX Iron Rave Ring Event: All You Need to Know

The popular battle royale, Free Fire MAX, has just launched an exciting new Iron Rave Ring event, giving players a chance to obtain stylish Rave Skater bundles and many more unique rewards. The event runs until the 26th of January, offering a perfect opportunity for players to gather resources and try their luck in the Diamond spins. In this article, we’ll provide a brief synopsis of the event, its gameplay, costs, rewards, and tips for maximizing your chances of success.

Iron Rave Ring Event Overview

The Iron Rave Ring event revolves around the much-anticipated Rave Skater set, available in both male and female variants. These sets boast a captivating aesthetic with the following fashion elements:

  • Male bundle: Blue top, bottom, shoes, hairstyle, and facemask with an animated golden trim
  • Female Rage Skater bundle: Maintaining a similar style to the male counterpart

Besides the Rave Skater costumes, several additional minor rewards fill the Iron Rave Ring event prize pool, including:

  • Iron Blade Bundle
  • Tempered Will Bundle
Costs and Currency

Participation in the luck royale special event is based on players’ fortune – not guaranteed prizes. To join the fray, players must spend diamonds (not universal tokens) on each spin, influencing their chances of obtaining all five pieces of their preferred Skater set.

Given the unpredictable nature of luck royale events, Garena has thoughtfully introduced a top-up promotion, allowing players to buy diamonds at a discount ahead of time.

Reward Preview and Diamond Cost of Spins

The Iron Rave Ring Event implements a spinner reward system, with single spins costing 20 diamonds. For a better deal, players can opt for a batch of 11 spins priced at 200 diamonds. Additionally, an Evo gun skin is guaranteed within a maximum of 50 spins.

Access the standard luck royale menu via the home screen’s left side menu, tap on the event icon, and spend diamonds on spins for a random chance at the Rave Skater bundles or other minor rewards.

Top Tips for Great Gaming Experience
  1. Make the most of Garena’s diamond top-up promotion, stocking up on discounted diamonds to increase your chances during luck royale events.
  2. Opt for the 11-spin bundle (200 diamonds) instead of individual spins, as it provides better value.
  3. With a guaranteed Evo gun skin after a maximum of 50 spins, perseverance may eventually result in the coveted prize.

In conclusion, the Iron Rave Ring Event in Free Fire MAX holds fantastic prospects for gamers looking to collect stylish Rave Skater bundles and an arsenal of other thrilling rewards. Make sure not to miss out on the discounted diamond top-up opportunity and keep your fingers crossed for outstanding luck royale outcomes. Good luck!

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