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Free Fire MAX: Get Free Pop-Pow Loot Box by Following These Steps

Free Fire MAX: Get Free Pop-Pow Loot Box by Following These Steps

In the thrilling world of Free Fire MAX, the exclusive Ghost Criminal event series not only captivates the players but also offers them numerous opportunities. Among the latest additions is the all-new Pop-Pow loot box, which you can get for free! Read on to find out how to secure this valuable prize.

Event Overview: Acquiring the New Loot Box

The Free Lootbox event, launched on November 21, 2023, is tailored for players on the Free Fire MAX Indian server. Players must eliminate opponents across a variety of game modes—such as Battle Royale (BR), Clash Squad (CS), and Lone Wolf (LW)—until November 27, 2023, to claim the Pop-Pow loot box without any in-game currency expenditure.

Opting for CS mode can increase your chances of eliminating foes due to its multiround format. If the Pop-Pow loot box doesn’t interest you, you can opt for three Diamond Royale vouchers instead.

Rewards Structure of the Elimination Expert Event

The event features a tiered reward system based on the number of enemies eliminated across different modes:

  • Eliminate 10 enemies (BR, CS, or LW): Earn a Random Loadout Lootcrate.
  • Eliminate 50 enemies (BR, CS, or LW): Receive two MP40 Bloody Gold weapon loot crates.
  • Eliminate 100 enemies (BR, CS, or LW): Attain a Pop-Pow loot box or opt for three Diamond Royale vouchers.

Step-by-Step Guide to Accessing the Elimination Expert Event

To participate and get your hands on the coveted Pop-Pow loot box, follow these steps:

  1. Launch Free Fire MAX and select a game mode—Battle Royale, Clash Squad, or Lone Wolf.
  1. Engage in combat and eliminate opponents to accumulate the required counts for rewards under the Elimination Expert event.
  1. Once you have achieved the necessary count, navigate to the event section and select the Elimination Expert event.
  1. Click on the claim icon adjacent to the Pop-Pow Loot Box to collect your well-deserved reward.

Get ready, strategize, and participate in the Elimination Expert event to bring home exclusive in-game rewards, including the much-anticipated Pop-Pow loot box. Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity—act now!

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