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BMPS 2023 League Stage Day 2: Complete Match Summary

BMPS 2023 League Stage Day 2: Thrilling Performances, Upsets and Dominance, Complete Match Summary and Analysis

The Battlegrounds Mobile India Pro Series (BMPS) 2023 is in full swing with its electrifying League Stage, and the Day 2 action did not disappoint. With established teams like Team Soul, Gladiators Esports, and Blind Esports maintaining their strong presence, up-and-coming teams such as Team Together Esports (TTE), Big Brother Esports, and Hydra Esports are demonstrating incredible resilience and skill that could shake up the competition as the event unfolds.

Overall Standings: Dominance Challenged by Rising Stars

TTE emerged as the most consistent team on Day 2, leading the points table with an impressive 63 points. Hot on their heels, Team Soul and Big Brother Esports are tied for second and third place respectively, each with 58 points.

The successful performances of rising teams TTF, Big Brother Esports and Hydra Esports against seasoned veterans showcase the high level of competition within the BMPS League Stage. Experienced teams, including Team Soul, Gladiators Esports, and Blind Esports, continue to put forth solid performances and currently occupy spots in the top 8 on the points table.

Match-by-match Analysis: Intense Moments, MVPs, and Nail-biting Finishes

Match 1: Erangel – Blind Esports Takes First Win, Team Soul Remains Strong

In their first chicken dinner of BMPS 2023, Blind Esports claimed victory with 24 points. Team Soul maintained momentum from Day 1, accumulating 21 points. The MVP of the match was Harsh “Goblin” Paudwal, claiming five solo finishes. Metal Wings and Seal followed with 14 and 11 points respectively, while Gujarat Tigers were eliminated early with no points scored.

Match 2: Miramar – TTE Triumphs with Massive Win, Toppling Seasoned Teams

TTE dominated Miramar with an exceptional 32-point chicken dinner, solidifying their position as a powerful contender. Saikat emerged as the MVP, boasting eight solo finishes. Team FS placed second with 22 points, and Team Silly scored 16 points, demonstrating strategic map rotations. Both WSB Gaming and Enigma Gaming had a rough match, earning only three points apiece.

Match 3: Sanhok – Blind Esports Returns to Victory, ORB Tops the Board

Blind Esports tasted victory once again, securing their second chicken dinner of Day 2 with 18 points. Though they had earned the chicken dinner, ORB outscored them, accumulating 22 points. Team X Spark landed 14 points, with MVP Sarangajyoti “Sarang” Deka securing six finishes. Titan and Hydra Esports achieved 12 and 13 points, respectively.

Match 4: Vikendi – Big Brother Esports Clinch First Win, Team Soul Struggles

With an impressive score of 30 points, Big Brother Esports captured their first chicken dinner of BMPS 2023. Star performers Sarvit, Uzumaki and Saif grabbed 5, 4, and 4 finishes respectively. Entity notched 20 points, Gujarat Titans rebounded with 16 points, and Team Empire scored 12 points. Team Soul and BloodRose had a difficult round

BMPS 2023 League Stage Day 2 Points Table

Three new teams, TTF, Big Brother Esports and Hydra Esports, have made an impressive showing in the early days of the event. Although all of the teams have experienced a few struggles, each team is showing that they can hold their own against even the most formidable opponents. Titan and Hydra Esports both achieved 12 and 13 points respectively. With six finishes, P Sarangajyoti “Sarang” Deka has been the standout player for this tournament so far. Team Soul had a difficult time in Vikendi round with just 4 points and will need to step up their game if they want to stay in contention for BMPS 2023 Championships.

Overall, Day 2 of BMPS 2023 League Stage was full of exciting plays and surprises but the real challenge lies ahead as these teams battle it out on Miramar next! Who will be able to top the leader board? Stay tuned to find out! Follow our EsportsPort social media channels for the latest updates on BMPS 2023.



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