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BMPS 2023 Week 2 Groups Comprehensive Checklist

BMPS 2023 Week 2 Groups Comprehensive Checklist

Welcome to Week 2 of BMPS 2023! As your course instructor, I’m excited to see the work your teams will produce during this intense week of action. To ensure you’re well-prepared and organized, I’ve created this comprehensive checklist to guide you through the process.

Teams and Groups

  • Total Teams: 96
  • Group Divisions: Group Blue and Group Red
  • Team Assignments: Refer to the BMPS 2023 Week 2 Groups List for your team’s assignment
  • Communication: Verify your team-specific Discord or WhatsApp Group for communication purposes

Blue Group

Group 1 Group 2 Group 3
Growing Strong Hydra Official Revenant Esports
Autobotz Esports 7Shore Esports 4 Aggressive Man
Team Galaxy Team Vintage Hindustan Gaming
Enigma Gaming Hyper Legends Reckoning Gaming
Marcos Gaming Global Esports Metalwings
Do or Die Gamehub Esports SE4L Official
Team A2K Cincinati Kids Team No Ones
UK07 Team T7S Im Officals
Group 4 Group 5 Group 6
Team Together Esports LiveCraft Esports Blind Esports
Midwave Esports Bloodrose Esports UP50 Esports
Team Mayhem Team Fly Esports Burnx Official
U4G Esports High Voltage X OP Dragon Esports
Genesis Esports Windgod Esports Gujarat Tigers
MG Esports Road to Glory THW Esports
Team Empire Redemption Crew Hyderabd Hydras
TWM Gaming Hyderabad Hydras TWOB

Red Group

Group 7 Group 8 Group 9
GlitchxReborn Team X Spark Gladiators Esports
Big Brother Esports Medal Esports Team Psyche
ORB Esports Godlike Esports NoNx Esports
Megastars Gaming Silly Esports Nade Officials
Gods Reign Forest Apes Rippers
Five Filter Esports 4 Horse Men OR Esports
Great Esports Team Downhill Esports ASG Esports
Team OGs Error Esports Stellar Titans
Group 10 Group 11 Group 12
Team Soul Team Insane 7Habit
8BIT x CS EntityxVST GENxFM Esports
WSB Gaming Trouble Makerz GLAWxXPIRAT Esports
Mayur Gaming OSTMEN Esports Numen Gaming
FS Esports Version 9 Titan FTW
Clue Esports Grind One Esports Hub Esports
Team Invincible Team Executor 4Troublemaker
BR Titans Team GWL Lucknow Giants

Stream Details

  • Broadcasting Platform: KRAFTON India Esports YouTube channel and Loco streaming platform
  • Languages: English and Hindi


  • Online matches: Ensure a stable internet connection and functioning gaming setup
  • LAN finale: Scheduled for December 2023 (more details to follow)

Logistical and Communication Points

  • Perform regular system and hardware checks to ensure smooth gameplay
  • Verify username and passwords for streaming and gaming platforms
  • Familiarize yourself with the game version and updates set for the event
  • Review tournament rules and regulations to avoid any confusion or penalties
  • Check the team-specific schedule for match times and session details
  • Reach out to event organizers for any queries or clarifications

Note: Double-check this comprehensive checklist to ensure a smooth and effective BMPS 2023 Group session!

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