Football Manager 2024 Review: High Expectations, Huge Disappointment Latest Review

Football Manager 2024 Review: High Expectations, Huge Disappointment

Football Manager 2024 Review: High Expectations, Huge Disappointment

 Football Manager 2024 Review

Football Manager 2024, the 20th installment in Sports Interactive’s soccer series, claimed to be “the most complete edition to date.” Unfortunately, it has fallen significantly short of that promise. As I delved deeper into the game, my excitement waned, and I found myself increasingly disappointed with the new features that failed to impress.

Starting Off Well

To give credit where it’s due, Football Manager 2024 makes an excellent first impression. The game’s option to load an FM23 save offers welcomed backwards compatibility, allowing you to resume your journey seamlessly. Plus, there are no drawn-out loading screens, and all major FM24 features are present in the loaded FM23 games, so everything starts off well in that regard.

Beginning a new game leads you through a basic character creation process, where you can generate a 3D model based on a photo of yourself. However, don’t anticipate RPG levels of customization. You’ll have the chance to select between Original, Real World, and Your World options at the start of your career. While not revolutionary, this small variety setting allows you to tailor your experience according to your preferences.

Underwhelming New Features

The hallmark managerial simulation series offers a robust and comprehensive overview of the club you’re managing. As always, you have the power to choose the aspects of management you prefer, delegating other tasks to staff members. One aspect I’ve always appreciated about Football Manager games is the freedom to engage with the managerial intricacies at your discretion. Unfortunately, this is where FM24 stops being impressive.

Although I was eager to experience FM24’s new features like intelligent AI squad building, an improved set-piece system, enhanced player interactions, additional options for selling players, and the best 3D match engine the series has ever known, none of these lived up to the hype.

In summary, Football Manager 2024 eventually crumbles under the weight of its own promises. While it starts off promising with its compatible save feature and manager engagement, the game’s new additions fail to impress and enhance the experience. It’s such a shame that an eagerly anticipated title can’t deliver on its promise of being “the most complete edition to date.” Fans of the series, like myself, deserve better.

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