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CS2 Update – What’s New in December?

CS2 Update – What’s New in December?

The latest Counter-Strike 2 update is here and packed with exciting new features and improvements. Let’s dive into everything you need to know about the CS2 update today.

Gameplay and Animation

Unlike some of the smaller Counter-Strike 2 updates through November, the CS2 update 11/30 includes a lot of changes. When it comes down to gameplay, there have been big sub-tick timing improvements to various systems. Also, Valve finally added a missing fire effect to Molotovs.

In terms of the animation changes, the CS2 update today features a lot of new things:
  • Characters will no longer move their torso away from their leg orientation as much as before (this may have an effect on the CS2 twerking that was popular).
  • Foot placement and posing when running are improved

Sound and Misc Changes

Another thing that the CS2 update 11/30 had an effect on is the sound. Players know that this is one of the most important things for all players, so every change here makes a difference. Here is what is new:

  • The issue with Shadow Daggers playing sound during looping inspection is fixed.
  • The sound related to grenade falloff has been refined
  • Deathmatch bonus period ending volume is lower
  • Lobby chat notification sound is lower
  • The audible distance of breaking glass windows is increased
  • Sabre agent voice line fixes.

Map Changes

The last but definitely not the least important new things in the CS2 update today are the map changes. A lot of maps got something new, so let’s learn more about each one.


  • Footstep fixes on hazard stripes
  • The red interior walls are slightly up in brightness
  • The shadow leaking through B-site’s double doors is fixed
  • B-site’s whale is fixed


  • Clipped fringe in Apartments so that players are not stuck
  • A-site is adjusted in size and has new visual boundaries


  • Collision to handrails re-added


  • A grenade clip has been added near T-spawn, and there is an extended staircase.
  • The clipping on the crate at mid is fixed, as well as the clipping on the scaffold at the back of A and at T-start.


  • Various fixes
  • Closed micro gaps throughout the map


  • Various gap fixes
  • Adjusted clipping in several areas

Like always, we suggest taking a look at the complete CS2 update if you want to see everything new. Prepare yourself for an enhanced gaming experience with these exciting updates, and happy gaming!

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