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BGMI Leaderboards: Major Shake-Ups After BMPS 2023

BGMI Leaderboards: Major Shake-Ups After BMPS 2023

The latest Battlegrounds Mobile India Pro Series (BMPS) 2023 tournament has drastically affected the BGMI Team Rankings, as notable underdogs emerged with impressive performances and experienced squads made significant leaps. In this article, we will delve into the strategic approaches, collaborative teamwork, player skills, and twists of fate that have contributed to the revised standings in the leaderboards.

Rising Stars After BMPS 2023

Team Together Esports – Rank #43 (43 ranks up)

Team Together Esports surprised everyone with its consistent performances throughout the league stage of the BMPS 2023. The team’s diverse skillset, strong communication, and commitment to adapting strategies kept them competitive and landed them a spot in the Grand Finals LAN event. Although their consistency faltered during the Grand Finals, the team’s overall ascent to the 43rd spot in the BGMI Team Rankings is no small feat.

Hydra Esports – Rank #32 (32 ranks up)

Hydra Esports, a veteran esports organization, showcased their acumen in selecting an upcoming lineup that shined during the first week of the league stage. The new lineup’s deep understanding of the game dynamics, coupled with the organization’s years of experience, helped achieve two chicken dinners. Hydra Esports finished in the 10th spot in the overall points table, securing the 32nd position in the BGMI Team Rankings.

GenxFM – Rank #31 (23 ranks up)

The new GenxFM lineup took the fans by storm, steadily improving since their debut in the BGMI India Series (BGIS) 2023 event. In a David versus Goliath scenario, they held their own against seasoned teams in the BMPS 2023, rising 23 ranks to secure the 31st position on the leaderboard.

AutoBotz Esports – Rank #39 (21 ranks up)

AutoBotz Esports has proven to be a promising upcoming team in BGMI. Their impressive performance throughout multiple events, culminating in their qualification for the Grand Finals LAN event of BMPS 2023, catapulted them 21 ranks up to secure the 39th spot in the BGMI Team Rankings.

The Veterans Make Their Mark

8BitxCS – Rank #20 (20 ranks up)

The first official BGMI event for the 8BitxCS squad, BMPS 2023, showcased the team’s potential, as they built momentum during the league stage’s second week. Their persistence and adaptability paid off as they qualified for the Grand Finals LAN event, ultimately placing 6th in the overall points table and rising 20 ranks to join the top 20 teams in the BGMI Team Rankings.

Numen Esports – Rank #23 (19 ranks up)

Having formed just before the BGIS 2023, Numen Esports demonstrated their aggressive gameplay during the BMPS 2023 Grand Finals. While the team is still polishing its skills, it managed to achieve the 9th spot in the overall standings. As a result, Numen Esports rose 19 ranks, seizing the 23rd spot on the leaderboard.


The BMPS 2023 event was a thrilling showcase of world-class talent, pitting seasoned teams against young, ambitious, and highly skilled lineups. The Grand Finals LAN event was the highlight of the season, with many top teams showing their potential. Even more impressive is that several up-and-coming teams managed to make their mark on the leaderboard and prove that they can compete at a high level. It will be exciting to see what awaits each team in the BGMI Team Rankings as the year progresses!

As always, we wish all competitors and teams good luck for future success and look forward to seeing them reach even higher heights!

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