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Get ready for an intense and action-packed shift in Call of Duty Warzone!

Get ready for an intense and action-packed shift in Call of Duty Warzone!  Prepare for a shotgun-heavy metagame in Warzone that has players dreading close-range encounters.

Warzone YouTuber JGOD recently revealed evidence pointing to shotguns dominating Season One Reloaded, causing concern among the community.

In Season One Reloaded, the ISO 9mm was nerfed, while the Striker 9 and AMR9 were buffed, drastically changing the close-range meta in Warzone. The WSP Swarm also suffered a significant blow to its damage values. The CoD developers later surprised players with a buff to the AMR9, making it the most popular gun in Warzone. However, JGOD recently argued that another class may be even better than SMGs.

JGOD conducted tests on the time-to-kill speeds of various close-range weapons in Warzone and discovered the immense power of shotguns. The Haymaker can eliminate an enemy in just three shots within a range of five meters in 480 milliseconds. The Riveter, a fully automatic shotgun, can kill within 300-750 milliseconds depending on range.

The Lockwood 680 requires skill to use, punishing players for missed shots. However, if you can land your shots, it can eliminate an enemy in just two shots within eight meters, taking 684 milliseconds. Many community members believe the Lockwood 680 is the best shotgun, as it ranks 10th in popularity according to WZ Ranked.

JGOD’s findings have sparked a reaction within the community, with players expressing their fear and frustration over the emergence of this new shotgun meta. Some are even leaving the game due to their concerns. However, it’s important to note that shotguns are less effective in engagements beyond 10 meters, where SMGs outclass them.

If you want to stay ahead of the game and be prepared for the rise of shotguns in Warzone, check out our guide on the best shotgun builds in Season One.


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