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World of Tanks Blitz – Active Codes November 2023

World of Tanks Blitz – Active Codes November 2023

Greetings, World of Tanks Blitz players! As a gaming expert, I’ve compiled an updated, comprehensive list of all the active World of Tanks Blitz codes for November 2023. These codes will grant you exclusive Blitz rewards, so make sure to redeem them before they expire!

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Active Codes and Rewards

Here are the active codes for November 2023, which were last checked on November 27:

  • 2023X3D7: Get free Gold, perfect for upgrading your tanks and purchasing premium content.
  • 00DA3BD8: Redeem this code for Rental Premium Tanks, allowing you to try high-tier tanks without purchasing them.
  • RM2023M3D3: Boost your progress with bonus XP by using this code.
  • RM2023L1S1: Score more XP with this code. Ideal for leveling up faster!
  • RM2023Q1C1: Redeem for additional Gold, handy for enhancing your in-game experience.
  • CLASHINGCRUISERS: Unlock Rental Premium Tanks for a limited time with this code.
  • RM2023A2B: Boost your XP earnings with this useful code.
  • RM2023S1C2: Experience a Gold boost with this code.
  • RM2023E1D1: Load up on more Rental Premium Tanks using this code.
  • WARPLANES25: Receive more XP to get ahead of the curve.
  • RM2023D1C1: Gold awaits with this reward-bearing code.
  • THXWOT: Redeem for additional XP, perfect for leveling up.
  • SUBTOWOTOFFICIAL: Unlock Rental Premium Tanks with this code.
  • Diagram: Boost your Gold reserves with this code.
  • OGHSUMMER2023: Receive rental Premium Tanks to test out.
  • WOT4EVER: Enjoy a gold boost by using this code.
  • WOTBETTER: Get more XP for faster progress.
How to Redeem Codes

In case you missed the instructions earlier, here’s a quick reminder on how to redeem these codes in World of Tanks Blitz:

  1. Launch World of Tanks Blitz and open the Settings.
  2. Scroll down and find the button “Enter Bonus Code.”
  3. Press it to open the Codes menu.
  4. Enter the code under the text box “Enter the bonus code.”
  5. Tap or click on “Activate” to claim rewards.
How big is World of Tanks?
The download size of the “World of Tanks” compressed file is about 2.7 GB; however, the uncompressed file can grow to over 40 GB after all the various updates are installed.

Staying Updated

To stay up-to-date with the latest World of Tanks Blitz codes, follow their Facebook account and Twitter account. These platforms will provide news, giveaways, information about upcoming updates, and new codes.

Remember to redeem these codes before they expire. Have fun playing and conquering the battlefield!

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