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Top 10 Poki Games to Look Out for in 2023

Top 10 Poki Games to Look Out for in 2023

As a game enthusiast and analyst, I have carefully studied current trends, developments within the gaming industry, and the Poki game releases from previous years to present you with a list of the most anticipated Poki games in 2023. I am confident that these games will not only captivate gaming enthusiasts but will also set new records for being addictive and engaging. So, without further ado, let’s delve into these must-try games and the reasons behind their likely popularity.

  1. Monkey Mart 

Gameplay: Monkey Mart is a fast-paced and exhilarating management game that tasks players with the responsibility of running their own retail business in the bustling jungle. By managing resources, stocking shelves, and keeping customers satisfied, players will have to ensure the success of their store by maximizing profits and growth.

Difficulty level: Moderate, with a learning curve that accommodates both casual players and gaming pros.

Storyline: Help Marvin the Monkey, a young entrepreneur, turn his humble retail store into the go-to destination for all jungle inhabitants, facing various challenges and obstacles along the way.

Gaming Features: Vivid and well-detailed graphics, a catchy soundtrack, and exciting bonuses and power-ups that add strategic depth to the game.

USPs: A unique setting and a delightful blend of management and puzzle-solving elements will keep players engaged and entertained for hours on end.

  1. Subway Surfers: Tokyo Drift 

Gameplay: Building on the success of the classic Subway Surfers, the Tokyo Drift edition takes players on a thrilling adventure through Japan’s capital, with a new set of characters, obstacles, and power-ups.

Difficulty level: Easy to learn but hard to master, offering a continuous challenge to players of all skill levels.

Storyline: Join a team of skilled graffiti artists as they navigate the bustling Tokyo streets and subways to evade the relentless Inspector and his dog.

Gaming Features: Fresh, colorful graphics that bring the vibrant Tokyo streets to life, new characters and outfits to collect, and innovative power-ups that significantly enhance gameplay.

USPs: A much-awaited update to the beloved endless runner, incorporating exciting new cultural elements and unique locales that will appeal to fans and newcomers alike.


Gameplay: An intense multiplayer battle-royale game with vector-based graphics, pits players against each other in a shrinking arena where the last one standing wins.

Difficulty level: Challenging, requiring quick reflexes and strategic thinking to outsmart opponents.

Storyline: Survive and prove yourself as the ultimate warrior in a futuristic virtual world filled with cunning and ruthless adversaries.

Gaming Features: Smooth and minimalist vector graphics provide a refreshing visual experience, with a variety of weapons and power-ups to add depth to the gameplay.

USPs: A unique and innovative take on the popular battle-royale genre, combining simplicity and intensity to provide a highly addictive and competitive gaming experience.

  1. Vortelli’s Pizza Delivery

Gameplay: A charming and quirky racing game that challenges players to deliver pizzas within a time limit while avoiding various obstacles and hazards scattered throughout the city streets.

Difficulty level: Gradually increasing, with new routes and challenges to keep players engaged.

Storyline: Tony Vortelli, a passionate pizza chef, dreams of having the fastest

  1. Stickman Hook: Extreme Swing

Category: Physics-based, Action, Adventure
Developer/Publisher: Madbox

Stickman Hook: Extreme Swing takes the addictive gameplay of the original Stickman Hook to the next level by incorporating innovative mechanics and a captivating storyline. Players must guide their stickman through increasingly challenging levels, swinging and soaring through beautifully designed environments. The game boasts various difficulty levels, making it suitable for both casual gamers and hardcore enthusiasts.

One of the game’s unique selling points is its multiplayer mode, where players can compete against their friends or players from all over the world. Leveraging VR and AR technologies, Stickman Hook: Extreme Swing offers immersive gaming experiences that will fascinate gaming enthusiasts, standing out from the crowd.

   6. Crazy Cars: Supersonic Showdown

Category: Racing, Multiplayer
Developer/Publisher: Rebellion Developments

Crazy Cars: Supersonic Showdown is a fast-paced, adrenaline-pumping racing game that incorporates cutting-edge graphics and highly realistic controls. The game’s storyline follows an underground racing league, where players must outwit their competition to become the ultimate racing champion.

This game’s unique selling point is its advanced customization options, allowing players to modify and tune their vehicles with a variety of performance-enhancing upgrades, cosmetic modifications, and unique paint jobs. With easy-to-learn yet hard-to-master mechanics, Crazy Cars: Supersonic Showdown appeals to both casual players and hardcore racing game enthusiasts.

   7. We Become What We Behold: Origins

Category: Simulation, Strategy
Developer/Publisher: Nutshell Games

In We Become What We Behold: Origins, players can delve deeper into the alluring world created by its prequel, exploring its ethical, social, and philosophical themes in a thought-provoking interactive experience. Through an engaging storyline and immersive gameplay, this game explores the power of media, social influence, and decision-making.

The game offers a branching storyline with various endings, depending on player choices throughout the game. A unique aspect of this game is its balance between entertaining gameplay and thought-provoking themes, allowing it to stand out among other story-driven games.

   8. Narrow.One: Domination

Category: Shooter, Multiplayer
Developer/Publisher: GWK Studios

Narrow.One: Domination takes the addictive gameplay from the original Narrow.One and amplifies it with new game modes, advanced customization, and intriguing battle arenas. Players can now select from various characters with unique abilities and weapons, making for intense and strategic gameplay.

This game’s unique selling point is the dynamic, procedurally generated maps that ensure a new experience in every battle. Additionally, new game modes like Base Defense and Capture the Flag make the game even more engaging and addictive for gamers seeking excitement and challenge.

  9. Moto X3M: Lunar Adventure

Moto X3M, a popular motorbike racing game series, takes the competition to new heights with this interstellar installment. Players will take their bikes to the lunar surface, experiencing zero gravity and unique terrains while trying to beat their best times.

Gameplay: Perform incredible stunts, unlock new bikes, and navigate challenging terrains in this fast-paced, side-scrolling racing game.

Difficulty Level: Offers challenging gameplay with a smooth learning curve

Storyline: Take part in a lunar racing championship and compete against the best racers in the galaxy.

Gaming Features: Stunning lunar landscapes, gravity-defying stunts, multiplayer mode, leaderboards, and bike customization.

Unique Selling Points: Moto X3M: Lunar Adventure will offer an immersive zero-gravity experience and exclusive lunar bikes. The interstellar twist will attract fans of the Moto X3M series and new players alike.

   10. Jumping Shell: The Great Ocean Adventure

An underwater world filled with mysteries, challenges, and beauties. Dive in as a tiny seashell named Shelly and embark on an epic journey to save the ocean.

Gameplay: Navigate through vibrant coral reefs and deep, dark trenches while avoiding dangerous predators and obstacles.

Difficulty Level: A challenging game that increases in difficulty at each level, keeping players addicted.

Storyline: Save the ocean from an evil sea monster that is threatening all marine life.

Gaming Features: Variety of biomes and seascapes, upgradeable abilities, collectible treasures, and unique challenges.

Unique Selling Points: Jumping Shell: The Great Ocean Adventure will provide a delightful mix of environmental storytelling and engaging platformer gameplay. The vibrant graphics and creative level designs will keep players coming back for more.

Plus, a special jumping shell power up to help you traverse obstacles and enemies. All of this set against the backdrop of an ever-changing ocean world!

Essence: An action-packed arcade adventure game with a unique environmental spin. Save the ocean from destruction while having fun!


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