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Tekken 8 Tier List – The Best Characters for New Players

Tekken 8 Tier List – The Best Characters for New Players

Struggling to choose a character in Tekken 8? We’ve got you covered with a tier list of the easiest characters to master.

Experience the revamped world of Tekken with its latest installment – Tekken 8. With new mechanics and gameplay features, it can be overwhelming for newcomers. But don’t worry, we’ve got your back. In this article, we’ll guide you through the easiest characters in Tekken 8, helping you find the perfect character to learn the game with.

A Beginner-friendly Tier List for Tekken 8

Tekken 8 offers a roster of 32 playable fighters, with additional DLC characters available. Let’s jump in and discover the easiest characters to begin your Tekken journey with.

5. Alisa – Nimble and Deadly

Alisa, the android, is known for her lightning-fast attacks and devastating damage output. With killer lows and great tracking moves, she can be unstoppable. However, be cautious of her vulnerability to counterattacks. Despite that, her well-rounded move set and ability to launch opponents into the air make her an excellent choice for beginners.
4. Marshal Law – Master of Combos

Law embodies the iconic fighting style of Bruce Lee, making him a thrilling character to play. With quick jabs, powerful kicks, and deceptive sweeps, he adapts easily to any play style. Although his range is limited, his diverse range of moves allows players to learn how to set up combos and finishes.
3. Paul Phoenix – Unleash Devastating Power
Paul has been a Tekken favorite for years due to his simplicity and high damage potential. Although he may be slow, mastering his combo strings and well-timed big-damage attacks will make you unstoppable. Get ready to land bone-shattering punches and learn the fundamentals of the game with Paul.
2. Victor – Style and Finesse

Victor’s character design exudes style and finesse. Armed with daggers, a sword, and even a gun, he offers a unique playstyle. Use quick pokes with daggers or unleash powerful blows with his sword for a versatile gameplay experience.
1. Jin Kazama – The Easy Protagonist
In previous Tekken games, Jin wasn’t considered an easy character to play. However, that has changed in Tekken 8. With refined move sets and simple combo strings, mastering Jin is now within reach. Learn the game’s basics while landing devastating blows with Jin.
Choose Your Path in Tekken 8
With this tier list, you’ll have a clear idea of which characters to focus on as a beginner. Unlock your potential in the world of Tekken 8 and start your journey with the easiest characters to master.


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