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Riot Layoffs Amplify Crunch Culture in LEC, Causing Devastating Effects on Show

Riot Layoffs Amplify Crunch Culture in LEC, Causing Devastating Effects on Show

Get ready for a League of Legends shake-up! Riot Games’ recent layoffs have sent shockwaves through the competitive scene, leaving former and current employees in a state of uncertainty. But that’s not all – the ripple effects are impacting the LEC broadcast team too.

Things have taken a turn for the worse as the remaining staff on the broadcast team are now carrying the burden of increasing their workload to keep the show going. It’s a tough gig – employees are juggling two, even three jobs, with insane working hours. But they do it because working for Riot looks amazing on their resumes. Unfortunately, even the “irreplaceable” aren’t safe from the chopping block.

But here’s the kicker – even before the layoffs, the LEC was already understaffed. The team was stretched across multiple roles within Riot’s ecosystem, from the LEC to other leagues and even different esports. Furious employees feel deceived by leadership, who failed to recognize the crucial roles these figures played in international events.

To salvage the quality of the recent LEC broadcast, Riot had to bring in workers from other departments and fly in support from Dublin and Los Angeles. However, this support may not stick around for long. The broadcast crew anticipates a lack of support in the coming weeks, which will truly test their resilience.

If conditions continue down this path, the remaining LEC broadcast team will need to brace themselves and hope that Riot makes the right decisions to help them survive another challenging week.

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