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A Look Inside the New Riot Games Arena in Berlin

A Look Inside the New Riot Games Arena in Berlin: Spectacular Upgrades and a Stadium Reborn

After an extensive renovation project, Riot Games has just revealed their newly revamped Riot Games Arena in Berlin, formerly known as the LEC Studio. This world-class esports facility is now poised to become the new home for Riot Games EMEA Esports, hosting LEC and VCT events and remotely facilitating other competitions. With the 2024 LEC Winter Split kick-off rapidly approaching, it’s time to dive into the design and features of this gleaming new esports hub.

Seating Capacity and Arena Design

When it comes to comparing the new arena to its previous counterpart, one of the most striking changes is the increased seating capacity. Riot Games has boosted the available on-site seats by 20 percent, now accommodating 210 spectators in a cinema-style and amphitheater-like arrangement. This reinvented seating setup is designed to immerse fans deeper into the world of Riot Games Esports, as stated by Alberto Guerrero, head of Esports EMEA at Riot Games.

Technological Advancements and Fan Experience

The new Riot Games Arena not only enhances the viewer experience via increased seating capacity, but also through a number of other technological upgrades and venue improvements. The fan area now features an innovative EMEA Esports Hall of Fame, which uses digital technology to seamlessly switch between leagues—an anticipated replacement for the old LEC wall of champions.

Other fan-focused updates include a transparent caster viewing area, a fan tunnel for interacting with players, a meet-and-greet area, a cafe and food stationeries, an upgraded fan lounge, and a dedicated merch store.

Upgrades for Players and Teams

Of course, it’s not just fans that are reaping the benefits of the Riot Games Arena’s renovations; players and teams are also treated to upgraded facilities. The new arena boasts six dedicated warm-up rooms, two more than the former LEC Studio. Additionally, players can enjoy a brand-new lounge area and huddle spaces to strategize between matches.

Superior Broadcasting Capabilities

With a clear emphasis placed on leveraging cutting-edge technology, the Riot Games Arena now features three dedicated broadcast booths, which can host three languages simultaneously. The facility also includes two co-streaming booths close to the fan seating area, 44 new cameras, and more than 250 new screens—45 of which are located in the fan zone. A quality control area and flexible press room further enhance the arena’s superior backstage setup.

The Future of the Riot Games Arena: Benefits and Drawbacks

As the Riot Games Arena prepares to open its doors for the 2024 season, it’s worth considering the potential impact these upgrades may have on future events held in Berlin. The state-of-the-art facility will undoubtedly attract more global attention, benefiting the esports industry as a whole. Greater seating capacity and improved fan amenities, along with advanced broadcasting capabilities and new services, will likely boost attendance and viewership for competitions hosted in this revamped venue.

However, the larger audiences and greater attention on the Riot Games Arena may present some logistical challenges. The influx of visitors may put a strain on transportation and accommodation options in Berlin. Riot Games may also be under increased pressure to maintain excellent service quality at events since expectations will be high with their new, upgraded facility.

In conclusion, the revamped Riot Games Arena is a testament to Riot’s dedication to providing unforgettable experiences for esports fans and players alike. With a host of significant upgrades and a prime location in Berlin, the arena is poised to elevate the esports industry to new heights. Its broadcasting capabilities and new services will attract larger audiences, while also putting additional pressure on Riot Games to deliver top-notch events. Nevertheless, with their track record of success and commitment to excellence, it’s safe to say that the Riot Games Arena will continue raising the bar for esports events around the world.

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