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PUBG Battlegrounds Rondo Map: Now Live on Console Servers

PUBG Battlegrounds Rondo Map: Now Live on Console Servers

Prepare yourself for an exhilarating experience as the long-awaited 10th map of PUBG Battlegrounds, RONDO, is finally here! Now available on console servers, this new battleground brings a fresh narrative and increased choices every time you embark on a new playthrough.

RONDO: A Dynamic New Battleground Experience

The RONDO map boasts an expansive 8×8 battleground with a stunning mix of contemporary aesthetics and traditional elements. Divided into two distinct regions, players can explore a wide range of locations such as vibrant metropolises, a floating restaurant, serene lakes, and a bamboo grove. You can also choose between Sunny and Sunset weather options.

Key Features

  • LAND, LOOT, SURVIVE With a twist: Rondo injects a new and exhilarating experience into the core elements of PUBG Battlegrounds.
  • Ascenders: Navigate heights like never before with this new feature, allowing you to traverse buildings and terrain with ease.
  • Fuel Pumps: Keep an eye on your fuel levels and tactically refill your vehicle at designated fuel pumps scattered throughout the map.
  • Recall System: Team communication is crucial as fallen comrades can now be brought back into the game through the innovative Recall System.

Update 27.1: Additional Starting Planes

Rondo takes the game to a whole new level with the addition of multiple starting planes in Update 27.1. Experience even more landing options and strategic possibilities with two planes slicing through the sky at a certain probability at the beginning of a match. Players will be randomly assigned to one of the two planes and will show the assigned airplane path marked with a red-and-white indicator on the map. Don’t worry about being separated from your squad; parties will be grouped together on the same plane.

Coming Soon to PC Servers

While the RONDO map is currently live on console servers, it’s set to become available for PC gamers soon. In the meantime, check out the official trailer for a glimpse of the new battleground experience.

Jump into the intense action and thrilling gameplay of PUBG Battlegrounds RONDO map today and witness a daring evolution of the classic battle royale experience.

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