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PMGC 2023 Grand Finals Day 1: Teams, map order, livestream, and more

PMGC 2023 Grand Finals Day 1: Teams, map order, livestream, and more

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the highly anticipated PUBG Mobile Global Championship 2023, otherwise known as PMGC 2023 Grand Finals Day 1! We are here today to witness 16 outstanding teams from around the world as they battle it out for the ultimate title of PUBG MOBILE World Champion and get their share of the massive $3 million prize pool! Here’s a comprehensive preview of what you can expect from today’s matches as we dive into the key storylines, strategies, and predictions of this epic tournament.

Participating Teams & Favorites

The 16 teams competing in PMGC 2023 Grand Finals Day 1 are:

  • 4Merical Vibes
  • Alpha7 Esports
  • D’Xavier
  • FaZe Clan
  • IHC Esports
  • Loops
  • Major Pride
  • Morph GPX
  • Nongshim RedForce
  • Persija Evos
  • S2G Esports
  • Six Two Eight
  • Stalwart Esports
  • Team Weibo
  • Titan Esports
  • Yoodo Alliance

Among these remarkable teams, keep an eye on Alpha7 Esports and FaZe Clan as they head into the competition as favorites, consistently showcasing their skills throughout the season. However, don’t count out the underdogs like 4Merical Vibes and D’Xavier, as both have proven they have what it takes to shake up the standings and just might surprise us with their performances today.

Game Updates and Strategies

As for the matches, players and fans may have noticed a recent shift in the gameplay meta. An increased focus on aggressive early-game strategies and well-coordinated team plays has been on the rise, making for intense and thrilling matchups. Keep an eye out for teams adopting these tactics, potentially making for unexpected outcomes and nail-biting games.

Day 1 Schedule & Stream Links

The PMGC 2023 Grand Finals Day 1 schedule is as follows:

  • Match 1 – Sanhok (4:30 PM IST)
  • Match 2 – Erangel (5:15 PM IST)
  • Match 3 – Erangel (6:00 PM IST)
  • Match 4 – Erangel (6:45 PM IST)
  • Match 5 – Miramar (7:30 PM IST)
  • Match 6 – Miramar (8:15 PM IST)

You won’t want to miss any of these exhilarating games, so be sure to [tune in to the live stream](stream link) and cheer for your favorite teams as they compete in the showdown of the year in Istanbul, Türkiye!

Match Predictions & Standings

As we kick off the event, some early match predictions are:

  • Match 1: 4Merical Vibes vs. Major Pride with 4Merical Vibes emerging as the winner
  • Match 2: FaZe Clan vs. Titan Esports with FaZe Clan taking the lead
  • Match 3: Team Weibo vs. Nongshim RedForce with a close win for Nongshim RedForce
  • Match 4: Yoodo Alliance vs. Persija Evos, resulting in a Yoodo Alliance victory
  • Match 5: Alpha7 Esports breezing past S2G Esports
  • Match 6: IHC Esports vs. Stalwart Esports with a nail-biting finish in favor of Stalwart Esports

We’ll have to wait until the final match to find out which team will come out as champions – don’t forget to check back for the updated standings and results! With so much on the line, this eSports tournament is sure to be one of the most exciting ones yet. Make sure you don’t miss out on all the action!  Let’s go, esports fans! ESportPort is proud to present this premier event live from Istanbul, Türkiye.

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