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Indus Unchained: Rs 3 Lakh Prize Pool Showdown Begins Today!

Indus Unchained: Rs 3 Lakh Prize Pool Showdown Begins Today!

The gaming arena is ablaze with excitement as SuperGaming ramps up the thrill with its latest esports extravaganza – Indus Unchained! Starting today, the virtual battlegrounds will witness the top 12 teams from the vibrant Indus community clashing in high-spirited competition for an eye-popping prize pool of Rs 3,00,000. Are you ready for adrenaline-pumping action?


Indus Unchained is not just a tournament; it’s a celebration of skill, strategy, and the spirited Indus community. Reigning champions, Godlike Girls, return to defend their title, but with the competitive field filled with ambition, anything can happen! The winners stand to elevate their glory along with pocketing a whopping Rs. 1,50,000. This tournament is where legends are made.

But that’s not all! Indus Unchained serves as the ultimate testing ground for the Indus Closed Beta, showcasing the fully detailed Virlok map, refined controls, and breathtaking visual and animation enhancements. This is your chance to impact the development of SuperGaming’s most ambitious title to date. Your feedback can shape the future of gaming, making Indus not just a game, but a community masterpiece.

Reflecting SuperGaming’s unwavering commitment to its players, the approach of Indus Unchained mirrors the success stories of past titles like MaskGun (boasting over 80 million players) and Silly Royale. It’s a testament to a legacy where the player base isn’t just an audience, but a family. Remember the celebration of Indian events in MaskGun? Or the community members turned in-game icons? That’s the spirit we’re talking about!

And there’s more brewing in the esports world. Leaks from the BGMI 3.1 Update hint at an exciting themed mode on the horizon.

Eager to be part of this thrilling adventure? Join the Indus Beta today by signing up for the waitlist at and stand a chance to receive exclusive cosmetic items that won’t be available at launch. Your voice matters, and through this official esports tournament, following the successful Indus Esports Invitational held in October 2024, your insights will directly influence the crafting of SuperGaming’s landmark title.

Today marks the beginning of a new chapter in esports history with Indus Unchained. Whether you’re here to witness the clash of titans, share your invaluable feedback, or simply soak in the exhilarating atmosphere of competitive gaming, welcome aboard this epic journey!

Are you ready to be part of something legendary? 🎮✨

For those who live and breathe esports, for the competitive warriors, and the passionate gaming aficionados – the action starts NOW!


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