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Get Ready for the Ultimate COD: Mobile Season 2 Experience

Get Ready for the Ultimate COD: Mobile Season 2 Experience

Unleash the Lunar Dragon and Take on the New Balance Changes
Exciting changes await all Call of Duty: Mobile enthusiasts in Season 2. Brace yourself for a thrilling Lunar Dragon experience as we introduce significant balance changes to weapons, operator skills, and perks. Get a sneak peek at the nerfs and buffs that will revolutionize your gameplay in this latest update.
Prepare for the Battle with Weapon Balance Changes
– PDW57, M13, and more receive powerful buffs
– Say goodbye to your favorites as some face strategic nerfs
Experience Tactical Gameplay at Its Finest
– Operator skills undergo refined enhancements
– Scorestreak costs altered to keep you on your toes
– Perks receive upgrades to enhance your gaming experience

Check Out the Weapon Balance Changes for Season 2 (2024)
1. LW3 Tundra KERS:
– Movement speed reduced from 4.24m/s to 4.19m/s
– Sprint speed reduced from 5.5m/s to 5.37m/s
– Bandit Steady Stock reduces STF by 30% (down from 40%)
2. Koshka:
– Reduced sprint to fire from 240ms to 210ms
3. Rytec AMR:
– Improved tactical/empty reload time
4. Outlaw:
– Reduced ADS time from 420ms to 390ms
5. DLQ 33:
– Reduced fire interval from 1200ms to 1170ms
6. PDW57:
– Reduced ADS movement speed from 3.97m/s to 3.82m/s
– Reduced bullet impact from 1 to 0.9
7. Type 25:
– Stopping Power Reload mag size increased from 30 to 34
8. M13:
– Improved damage profile from 24-18-16 to 24-19-16

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Experience the Thrilling Changes in Operator Skills and Scorestreaks
1. Misdirection Device:
– Increased radius for better effectiveness
2. Tempest:
– No more charge-up before firing
– Reduced energy required by 20%
3. Swarm:
– Increased cost required from 1220 to 1280
4. Stealth Chopper:
– Increased cost required from 1000 to 1080
5. Cluster Strike:
– Reduced duration from 8 seconds to 7 seconds
Perks to Elevate Your Tactical Gameplay
1. Recon:
– Increased radius for better reconnaissance
2. Tactical Mask:
– Reduced tactical duration by 70%
Prepare to Dominate the Battlefield in Season 2
These balance changes offer a more dynamic and engaging gameplay experience. Embrace new strategies and refine your playstyle as you battle it out in the intense world of COD: Mobile. Whether you prefer sniping, rushing, or tactical gameplay, Season 2 has something special in store for you. Don’t miss out on the action and see firsthand how these changes will revolutionize your COD: Mobile journey.

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