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Entity Gaming crowned champions of IQOO Pro Series 2024 BGMI Grand Finals

Entity Gaming crowned champions of IQOO Pro Series 2024 BGMI Grand Finals

In a display of consistent skill and dominance, Entity Gaming emerged as the champions of the intense IQOO Pro Series 2024 Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) event. Facing tough competition from seasoned and upcoming teams, Entity Gaming showcased their prowess and took home the title.

NinjaJod from Team XSpark named MVP

Adding to their victory, NinjaJod from Team XSpark was named the Most Valuable Player (MVP) of the event. His exceptional performance earned him not only the prestigious title but also a sum of INR 50,000.

🏆Champions of @iqooesports5550 Pro Series.

Exciting finishes and impressive performances

The Grand Finals of the IQOO Pro Series 2024 BGMI event witnessed thrilling action over two days. Entity Gaming secured 107 points and 1 chicken dinner to secure their championship status. IQOO Soul placed second in the standings with 103 points and 2 chicken dinners, while Team Tamilas continued their impressive run and snagged third place with 100 points and 1 chicken dinner.

Top teams and rising stars clash

The event showcased intense battles between established teams such as Entity Gaming, Team Tamilas, IQOO Soul, and Medal Esports. However, up-and-coming teams like Hydra Esports and Dark Spirits Esports also proved their worth by putting up a good fight against more experienced opponents.

Immense rewards for skillful performances

Entity Gaming’s victory earned them a handsome prize of INR 6 Lakhs, with IQOO Soul receiving INR 3 Lakhs for their second-place finish and Team Tamilas taking home INR 2.25 Lakh for securing third. Meanwhile, Medal Esports was recognized as the MVP team of the tournament and received a well-deserved INR 50,000.

Experience don’t always reign supreme

Despite the presence of experienced teams like Carnival Gaming and Godlike Esports, their inconsistent performances resulted in lower rankings in the points table. This event serves as a reminder that skill and determination can triumph over established reputations.

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