Emirates Esports Federation and ITW Partner to Launch Groundbreaking EGL Platform

Emirates Esports Federation and ITW Partner to Launch Groundbreaking EGL Platform

The Emirates Esports Federation has joined forces with ITW Global to launch the EGL (E-Gaming League), an innovative global Esports League set to debut in the UAE in April 2024. This pioneering league is the first of its kind to adopt a franchise and draft format, providing Indian gamers with an international platform to showcase their skills.

The multi-title league will feature participants from across the Middle East, UAE, India, China, Southeast Asia, Europe, and the USA, competing in popular esports titles like DOTA, PUBG, and more. The EGL will welcome six franchises as team owners, making it the first Esports league to embrace a franchise and draft format inspired by traditional sports leagues.

Sheikh Sultan Bin Khalifa Bin Shakbout Al Nahyan, President of the Emirates Esports Federation, underlined the goals of the project, saying: “The EGL will revolutionize the Esports industry and go a long way in achieving our goal of creating a space where publishers, players, organizers & brands can come together and co-exist harmoniously to further bolster the future of Esports in the region.”

This innovative partnership aims to identify and nurture the best upcoming Esports talent, blending top international players with emerging stars from across Asia, in what is currently one of the fastest-growing Esports markets. The EGL will offer a unique opportunity for India’s distinguished athletes to showcase their abilities among the world’s best Esports talents.

As part of the initiative, the top-ranked amateurs and future prospects emerging from regional qualifiers will be drafted into each franchise through a player auction or draft. Nayeem Khan of ITW Global stated, “ITW has been working in the business of sports for 15 years. We have always believed in the potential of Esports and are very excited to partner with the Emirates Esports Federation to bring EGL to the fans and players.”

The “India Games Market Report 2023” by Niko Partners predicts that the number of gamers in India across all platforms will reach 444 million in 2023, expanding to 641.2 million in 2027 with a 5-year CAGR of 10.1%. This staggering growth underscores India’s position at the forefront of the Esports explosion.

With EGL, the Emirates Esports Federation and ITW aim to capitalize on India’s burgeoning Esports landscape by bringing the successful franchise-based model, seen in the IPL, to the forefront of the Esports arena. As the EGL’s groundbreaking format is set to revolutionize the industry, all eyes will be on this exciting partnership and the transformative opportunities it offers for both Indian gamers and the global Esports community alike.

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