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Dust Lands Guide: Tips to Earn Cogbits in the Game

Dust Lands Guide: Tips to Earn Cogbits in the Game

Learn about the sure-shot ways to acquire Cogbits and thrive in the post-apocalyptic world of Dust Lands! Developed and released by Games Hub Hong Kong Limited, this strategy war game offers an immersive survival experience where resources are crucial for the underground bunker. Cogbits are an essential currency in the game, and we’ve got the best tips for you to gather more of them!

Paid Ways to Earn Cogbits in Dust Lands

Purchasing from the Mall

The mall can be accessed from the top-right side of the home screen. This is the only place where you can pay directly for Cogbits, and you’ll find several packs with prices based on their size. Simply head to the end of the mall section, open the Cogbit option, and choose the pack that suits your needs.

Free Ways to Earn Cogbits in Dust Lands

1. Chapter Clearance Rewards

Dust Lands follows a chapter-based storyline, with a number of tasks assigned for each chapter. Completing tasks earns you resources, including Cogbits. As you progress and finish one chapter, you’ll receive more rewards (including plenty of Cogbits) to use in your bunker.

2. The Campaign

The Campaign is where you’ll face battles against mutant monsters. To take part, you’ll need to build a team of three heroes and initiate a campaign stage. As you win battles and finish off the monsters, you’ll be rewarded with various resources, including Cogbits.

3. Rescue Radio

Rescue Radio is a feature that allows you to participate in events that contribute to your progress in the game. The list of events refreshes regularly, and completing them levels up your Rescue Radio, unlocking higher-grade events. One of the main rewards for completing these missions is Cogbits, making this a great free alternative to obtaining the paid currency.

Final Thoughts

Dust Lands is an engaging survival game where resources play a crucial role in your success. The intriguing storyline and challenging quests keep players hooked and—by building your team strategically—you can navigate the game and gather Cogbits along the way. Utilize our tips on earning Cogbits to continue thriving in the post-apocalyptic world of Dust Lands. Good luck, survivor!

Total Size : 1.13 GB  iOS/Android

Online/Offline? : Online

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