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Convergence: The Ultimate Online VALORANT Tournament

Convergence: The Ultimate Online VALORANT Tournament

Welcome to Convergence, the first-ever international VALORANT esports tournament hosted by Riot Games in India, in partnership with The Esports Club. This event promises to be an incredible gaming showdown, and we’re here to provide you with all the details you need to know, including teams, matchups, schedules, and streaming links.

Teams: A Truly Global Affair

Convergence features six top VALORANT teams from around the world, each with their unique strengths, weaknesses, and histories in the gaming community. Here’s a rundown of the participating teams:

  1. Global Esports (India): Known for their dominating presence, Global Esports has consistently been a top-contender in the Indian esports scene, with multiple tournament victories under their belt.
  2. Gen.G Esports (South Korea): Hailing from South Korea, Gen.G boasts a strong lineup of skilled players who excel in teamwork and coordination, often overpowering their opponents with strategic planning.
  3. Team Vitality (France): This French powerhouse has a rich history of success in multiple games, bringing their experience and high-level gameplay to the VALORANT scene.
  4. FUT Esports (Turkey): One of Turkey’s breakout teams, FUT Esports is a team on the rise, with a wealth of talented players hungry for victories.
  5. FURIA (Brazil): FURIA has quickly made a name for themselves in the global VALORANT community, showcasing aggressive play and unique strategies to overcome their opponents.
  6. True Ripper Esports (India): Earning their spot through a Closed Qualifier event, True Rippers Esports brings young, hungry talent to the tournament, eager to prove that they belong among the best.

Matchups: A Battle of Wits and Skill

Teams will face off against each other in a round-robin format, ensuring that all teams get a chance to prove their mettle against their international counterparts. The matchups will be based on a random draw, and final standings after the round-robin stage will determine playoff seeding, leading to the final showdown for the championship title.

Schedule: Explosive Action Over Four-Day Period

Convergence will span four intense days of competition, taking place from 14th to 17th December. Every day, multiple matches will occur, ensuring non-stop action for VALORANT fans. There will be short breaks between games for the teams to regroup and strategize, but fans won’t have to wait long before diving back into the excitement.

Streaming: Don’t Miss a Single Moment

You can catch all the thrilling action of Convergence live through multiple streaming platforms in different languages (Hindi, English, and Korean). Here’s the full list of channels where you can watch the matches:



  • English:
  • English & Hindi:
  • Hindi: []
  • Watch all the action of the VALORANT Convergence tournament at any of these streaming platforms and follow your favorite teams as they fight for glory! Don’t miss a single moment of intense battles and strategic plays from the world’s best VALORANT players. Witness history in the making with Convergence!


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