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Call of Duty Mobile: Standalone PC Version in the Works

Call of Duty Mobile: Standalone PC Version in the Works

A thrilling development is in store for Call of Duty Mobile enthusiasts, as sources confirm that Activision, the renowned developer and publisher of the Call of Duty series, is currently working on a standalone PC version of the hit mobile game. This upcoming release will provide existing fans and new players with a fresh and enhanced gaming experience.

A Brief History of Call of Duty Mobile’s Soaring Success

Initially launched in October 2019, Call of Duty Mobile wasted no time in capturing the attention of gamers worldwide, soaring to the top of the mobile charts. It has since become one of the most popular and successful mobile games, with millions of active users. The game cleverly brought the familiarity of the acclaimed console and PC Call of Duty titles to the mobile platform.

Exclusive PC Version: What to Expect

Although currently limited to testing in China, Activision’s plans to launch a standalone PC version of Call of Duty Mobile is causing quite the stir. It is essential to understand that this upcoming release will not merely be an emulated mobile version or a port. Instead, Call of Duty Mobile PC will be a dedicated client designed exclusively for the platform, likely boasting improved graphics and enhanced performance.

During an interview, an Activision representative revealed that the “PC graphics closely resemble the highest graphical quality currently available on the mobile version.” However, the representative also confirmed additional improvements, such as slightly better Anti-Aliasing and Lighting on the PC version, with the potential for even better graphical quality in the future. Furthermore, for systems capable of supporting it, a 120 FPS option will be available for smoother gameplay.

Seamless Transitions and Simplified Setups

A significant advantage for existing Call of Duty Mobile players is the ability to effortlessly transition their mobile accounts to the PC version. This compatibility ensures that users who switch platforms will not lose their progress or in-game assets.

One notable difference from the existing CODM emulator is that the official standalone PC version will require less setup, allowing players to dive into their gaming sessions without unnecessary complications.

As of now, only select creators in China have access to the Early Access Test. However, with the CN Beta starting soon, we can anticipate gameplay footage and additional information shortly.

Implications for the Gaming Industry and Market

Activision’s decision to create a standalone PC version of Call of Duty Mobile has significant implications for the gaming industry and market. The move reflects the increasing demand for cross-platform gaming experiences and the desire to cater to a diverse audience. This development has the potential to attract players who may have been reluctant to play the mobile version, further expanding Call of Duty Mobile’s already thriving community.

In conclusion, the arrival of a dedicated PC version of Call of Duty Mobile heralds an exciting new chapter for the game’s community, offering promising enhancements and features. Fans eagerly await further information on the game’s official release date and its availability in other regions. Stay tuned for more updates as they become available.

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