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Announcing the Indus Battle Royale Beta for Android Devices

Announcing the Indus Battle Royale Beta for Android Devices – Join the Action Now!

SuperGaming, India’s top game developer, is proud to release the highly anticipated Indus Battle Royale Beta for Android devices. Experience the thrilling Indo-Futuristic world of Indus on your own device by dropping onto the vast Virlok map. Don’t miss your chance to be a part of India’s gaming revolution. Register on our official website to secure your beta key. Limited supply available!

What Can Players Expect From the Indus Beta?
With over 8.5 million pre-registrations, it’s clear that Indus has captured a global audience. Immerse yourself in the rich art, culture, and stories of India as you engage in epic battles. The Indus Battle Royale Beta offers the complete experience, including exciting new features tested and improved through community playtests and esports events. Don’t wait – it’s time for India and the world to play Indus.

Introducing ‘Cosmium Changes Everything’ – Unleash a New Strategy
Discover Indus’ unique gameplay with the release of our new trailer. Unlike any other battle royale, Indus allows players to win matches by capturing Cosmium, an exclusive in-game item that appears in the final minutes. Be strategic and seize victory without being the last one standing.

Unlock Exclusive Rewards as an Early Supporter
To celebrate the Indus Beta, players will receive exclusive cosmetic items that won’t be available at launch. Cement your status as a loyal supporter of the game and make your mark in the Indus universe.

Get Your Indus Beta Key Now!
Visit and sign up to join the waitlist for an Indus Beta key. Don’t miss out – keys are limited. Once you receive your key, redeem it on to gain access to the thrilling world of Indus.

Sign up for iOS & Android here

Play Indus on a Wide Range of Devices
Powered by our state-of-the-art Indus Engine, the game runs smoothly on low-end Android devices with 4GB RAM, offering over 40fps performance. Even on 2023 Android flagships, you can enjoy a seamless experience at 60fps with stunning visual details. Indus is designed to be accessible to players worldwide, with smartphones priced at approximately $100 making it widely affordable.

Mobile Gaming at Its Best
At SuperGaming, we prioritize mobile players and strive to provide them with a first-class gaming experience. Our custom-built sandbox shooter tech stack, the Indus Engine, ensures optimal performance and enhances gameplay for a truly immersive and enjoyable mobile gaming experience.

Don’t miss your chance to be a part of the Indus Battle Royale Beta. Join the action today and become a legend in the world of Indus!

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