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VALORANT fans secure coveted tickets for VCT Americas’ intense group of death in under 4 hours.

VALORANT fans secure coveted tickets for VCT Americas’ intense group of death in under 4 hours. Blink and they’re gone.

Excitement is skyrocketing as the VALORANT Champions Tour makes its grand return, especially for VCT Americas fans who can’t wait to witness the showdown between a powerhouse group of teams on the first Kickoff weekend.

The luck of the draw. Image via Riot Games


On February 17, Group B participants in the VCT Americas Kickoff tournament will clash on stage, featuring heavyweights Sentinels, 100 Thieves, Leviatan, and LOUD. These VALORANT players and brands boast massive popularity and unparalleled talent, so it’s no surprise that tickets for this explosive day at the Riot Games Arena have completely sold out.

Both general admission and “Premium Seating” options for the LOUD vs. Sentinels and 100T vs. Leviatan matches are completely sold out on the Tixr listing for this day. Fans rushed to secure their tickets as soon as they went on sale yesterday, with no tickets left for the highly-anticipated group of death day in just four hours. However, there are still plenty of general admission tickets available for the remaining events.

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The fact that tickets sold out quickly is to be expected considering the star power of the teams participating in Group B. Sentinels and LOUD alone boast some of the largest fan bases in VCT Americas. Additionally, these teams feature renowned players like TenZ, aspas, Boostio, and Saadhak, among others.

From a competitive standpoint, Group B consists of some of the most talented teams. Sentinels, Leviatan, and LOUD are considered strong contenders for the 2024 season, while 100T is greatly improved with the addition of world champion IGL/coach duo Boostio and Zikz.

The matches on February 17 also present two thrilling face-offs. The rivalry between Sentinels and LOUD continues to evolve, and former world champions c0m and Boostio, who now play for different teams, will finally meet on the battlefield. With all this excitement at stake, it’s no wonder tickets for this day sold out in a flash.

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