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Top Esports Games of 2023 with the Highest Prize Pools

Top Esports Games of 2023 with the Highest Prize Pools

In recent years, the esports industry has witnessed a maturing landscape with several revenue streams emerging from sponsorships, endorsements, and various forms of financing. Here, we take a close look the top esports games of 2023 with the highest prize pools, considering the impact of these prize pools on the esports industry and the factors determining the prize pool, including the popularity of the game, player base, sponsorships, and endorsements. The list is in descending order, including detailed information about each game, the prize pool, the tournament’s location, and the tournament dates.

1. FNCS Global Championship 2023
  • Game: Fortnite
  • Prize pool: $4m (~£3.1m)
  • Location and Dates: Various

The FNCS Global Championship 2023 marks the triumphant return of Fortnite to the esports scene after a pandemic-induced reduction in esports efforts. With the professional Fortnite scene slowly rebuilding, the $4m prize pool has sparked interest in teams once again. BLAST produces the FNCS, an esports tournament organiser most known for its Counter-Strike tournaments.

2. The International 2023
  • Game: Dota 2
  • Prize pool: $3.3m (~£2.6m)
  • Location:  Seattle, Washington
  • Date: MAy 2023

Despite it being the smallest prize pool of any edition, The International 2023 is still considered one of the most prestigious tournaments in esports. Valve’s changes to prize pool creation have dramatically reduced the overall prize money for the tournament. Nevertheless, The International remains a significant esports event, even though it no longer features in the top 10 highest-viewed esports events of 2023.

3. Six Invitational 2023
  • Game: Rainbow Six: Siege
  • Prize pool: $3m (~£2.35m)
  • Location: Quebec, Canada.
  • Dates: Feburary  2023

The Six Invitational is the pinnacle event for Rainbow Six: Siege, bringing together the best teams from around the world to compete for a massive prize pool. The tournament features intense gameplay and strategic battles as teams fight to be crowned champions. With its growing popularity and dedicated fan base, the Six Invitational continues to solidify itself as a major event in the esports scene.

4. League of Legends World Championship 2023

The League of Legends World Championship, also known as Worlds, is the pinnacle of LoL Esports competition in which the top teams from nine regions compete for the world champion title. Held after the culmination of the regular season in a different host region each year, qualified teams from professional leagues around the world participate in the tournament. This year, South Korea will play host to the tournamen

The Six Invitational 2023 trumps

  • Prize Pool: $5m (~£3.9m)
  • Location: Seoul
  • Dates: October – November 2023

S games such as VALORANT, CS, and others with its $3m prize pool. This event is Rainbow Six: Siege’s season-ending spectacle and marks Rainbow Six: Siege as the highest-prize FPS game in esports in 2023.

5. PUBG Mobile World Invitational 2023
  • Game: PUBG Mobile
  • Prize pool: $3m (~£2.35m)
  • Location: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
  • Dates: July 2023

2023 is a significant year for PUBG Mobile, as it returns to India with a $3m prize pool for the PUBG Mobile World Invitational tournament. The year marks a successful chapter for PUBG Mobile, marking it as the highest prize esports event alongside the Six Invitational in 2023.

6. Peacekeeper Elite League Spring 2023
  • Game: PUBG Mobile
  • Prize pool: $2.46m (~£)
  • Location: China
  • Dates: Feburary – March 2023

Peacekeeper Elite League (PEL) is  China’s highest level professional league for Peacekeeper Elite, a Chinese rebranded version of PUBG Mobile. The Peacekeeper Elite League Spring 2023, a Chinese franchised league in PUBG Mobile, boasts a total prize pool of $2.46m. The league exemplifies China’s dominance in the esports scene, with 20 franchised teams competing for the title, which adds more weight to the Chinese esports market.

7. Call of Duty League 2023: Playoffs and Championship

Game: Call of Duty: Warzone
Prize pool: $2.38m (~£)
Location: TLas Vegas, Nevada
Dates: June 2023

The Call of Duty League 2023 will be the third season for the franchised league, featuring a prize pool of $1.5m. The top teams from the regular season will compete in the playoffs for a chance to qualify for the championship event, where they will battle it out for the title and a share of the prize money.

8. VALORANT Champions Tour 2023

Prize pool: $2.25m (~£1.77m£)
Location: Los Angeles
Dates: August 2023

The popular first-person shooter game, VALORANT, will continue its successful esports scene in 2023 with the VALORANT Champions Tour. The competition will feature a prize pool of $2m and will be held at various locations around the world. With the game’s increasing popularity and highly skilled players, fans can expect intense matches and unpredictable outcomes.

9. Rocket League World Championship 2023

Game: Rocket League
Prize pool: $2m
Location: Düsseldorf, Germany.
Dates: August 2023

Rocket League has established itself as a top esport, with its unique blend of soccer and vehicular mayhem. The Rocket League World Championship brings together the best teams from around the globe to compete for a chance at glory and a share of the $1m prize pool. The exact location and dates for the 2023 championship are still to be announced, but fans can expect high-flying action and exhilarating gameplay from some of the top teams in the world.

The Rocket League World Championship has been a highly anticipated event since its inception in 2016. Each year, players and fans alike eagerly await to see which team will come out on top as the ultimate champions. And with a prize pool of $1m, it’s no surprise that the competition is fierce.

The game itself combines elements of soccer and racing, where players control rocket-powered cars to score goals against their opponents. It requires a unique set of skills, including precise timing, strategic positioning, and quick reflexes. This makes for an intense and entertaining viewing experience for both players and spectators.

In addition to the main championship, there are also regional tournaments held throughout the year, allowing teams from different parts of the world to compete against each other. This not only adds to the excitement but also helps to grow the global esports community.

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The Rocket League World Championship is not just about competition, though. It’s a celebration of all things Rocket League. 

Esports has seen massive growth in recent years, and events like the Rocket League World Championship are a testament to that. With a growing fanbase and increasing prize pools, esports is becoming a major player in the world of sports and entertainment.

But what sets Rocket League apart from other esports titles? For one, its accessibility. Unlike other complex games that require hours of practice to even understand the basics, Rocket League is easy to pick up but difficult to master. This makes it appealing to both casual gamers and hardcore players alike.

Furthermore, Rocket League’s unique blend of fast-paced action and strategic gameplay make for an exciting viewing experience. It’s a game that anyone can enjoy watching, whether they are familiar with the intricacies of the gameplay or not.

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