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The longest pro series in Dota 2 history has just shattered the five-hour mark

Get ready for the ultimate Dota 2 showdown! The longest pro series in Dota 2 history has just shattered the five-hour mark. This intense battle took place during the qualifiers for ESL One Birmingham, and it was a match for the ages.
The Chinese Dota 2 scene has been on fire lately, with strong teams and fierce competition. In a final series between Azure Ray and G2.iG, these two new lineups fought tooth and nail for the lone qualifying spot. Little did anyone know, they would be locked in an epic struggle that would last over five hours.

Azure Ray has been making waves in China since The International 2023, but this time they fell just short of securing a spot at ESL One Birmingham. G2.iG, on the other hand, dominated the upper bracket and showed relentless skill.
The grand finals between G2.iG and AR ran for a grueling five and a half hours. It was a battle of attrition, with both teams fighting to the bitter end. Ultimately, G2.iG emerged victorious with a 3-2 scoreline, earning themselves the Chinese qualifier invite to ESL One Birmingham.
This historic series is the longest ever played in pro Dota 2, surpassing even the legendary 2015 matchup between Cloud9 and ScaryFaceZ. Each game was an intense struggle, with the longest lasting just under 108 minutes.
Although AR conceded game five, this series sets the stage for an incredibly competitive year for Dota 2 in China. G2.iG will join Xtreme Gaming as the second representative from the region at ESL One Birmingham, promising even more thrilling battles to come. Get ready to witness the future of Dota 2!

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