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Suicide Squad Easter Egg Hints At The Return Of A Beloved Character

Suicide Squad Easter Egg Hints At The Return Of A Beloved Character

Fans and gamers alike, hold on to your capes – because the seismic ripples of speculation are just beginning! Amidst the whirlwind of controversy that engulfed the recent Suicide Squad antics, an eye-catching discovery has surfaced: Could it signal the astonishing resurrection of Gotham’s Dark Knight?

Since the dawn of Rocksteady’s heart-racing shooter, Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, a certain harrowing moment featuring Batman has sparked an uproar within the community – drumming up debates and tumbling through tumultuous reactions. Journey with us as we unravel the threads of this spectacular narrative!

The legendary caped crusader – the one and only Batman – faced an adversary none had predicted: a plotted fall at Harley Quinn’s hands. Stirring the pot further is this dramatic scene being one of Kevin Conroy’s last portrayals as Batman, marking a poignant bookmark in this Arkham tale. This isn’t just another hero’s apparent departure; it’s a legacy on the line, demanding an unfathomable cost from us, the ardent fans who have long stepped into the detective’s boots.

But hope springs eternal from the most unexpected sources! Intrepid explorers on YouTube (courtesy of Batman Arkham Videos and a tip of the hat to IGN) have exposed an enigmatic trail of calendars studded across the game’s landscape. These aren’t your average wall ornaments; they’re beacons, torches illuminating the path to a stunning truth.

When decoded, these calendars clandestinely spell out a message as potent as it is cryptic:


And just like Gotham City’s skyline flares to life at night, a distinctive bat symbol adorns December’s slate—igniting theories faster than the Bat-Signal blazes across the sky.

Could this be an ingenious nod to Calendar Man, the infamous holiday-riddled criminal? Or is this Rocksteady playing the enchanter, wielding a narrative cloak only to reveal that Batman himself might emerge from the shadows once more?

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The fervor is palpable, and we’re turning to you, our community of heroes and heroines, to join in on this sensational conversation. What are your electrifying theories? Could the beloved bat be poised to leap back into the dusky alleyways of our hearts and consoles?


Share with us your thoughts, your hot takes on the narrative twists, and the weighty significance of character demises in the spiderweb of gaming and comics. Engage and enliven the debate – for every voice enriches our collective story.

Rocksteady’s vault of secrets may be tightly sealed, but stay tuned, vigilant, and ever-hopeful. For it’s said that not all who wander are lost, and in the world of gaming, every twist rewrites history.

Spread your wings, answer the call, and let the theories fly! 🦇

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