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Overwatch 2 Latest Patch Breaks the Game on Consoles, Leaving Players Frustrated

Overwatch 2 Latest Patch Breaks the Game on Consoles, Leaving Players Frustrated

Overwatch 2, the popular online game, has faced significant backlash from the player community after the recent Season 8 patch rendered the game “unplayable” on certain consoles. The new season update, which features a brand new hero, Mauga, and numerous balance changes to the existing roster, has caused severe performance issues for PlayStation 5 users. Numerous complaints have surfaced on the Overwatch subreddit, with players reporting massive drops in frame rate and overall performance lag.

The Problematic Patch

The latest patch for Season 8: Call of the Hunt was intended to bring numerous updates and changes, including a new Battle Pass, beast hunter-inspired skins, events like Battle of the Beasts and the return of Winter Wonderland. However, for many console players, the patch has come with a less-than-ideal side effect. One player noted, “Noticed my PS5 drops to around 15 frames in-game or even on menus, never happened before the new Season 8 update, anyone else having issues?”

A chorus of frustrated voices on the subreddit revealed similar concerns, with comments such as:

“Just came to check if anyone else was having this issue lol. The game’s next to unplayable. Console here as well,”

Another user agreed.”It’s f**king unplayable, I guess they don’t QA on every console prior to releasing patches because this would have been spotted immediately,” added another player.

Unfortunately, the cause of these issues remains uncertain, and game developer Blizzard has not yet released an official statement regarding the problem.


What Can Players Do in the Meantime?

Although there is no temporary fix for the problem, players are encouraged to stay up-to-date on developments and possible solutions. Subscribing to official Overwatch and Blizzard channels on social media platforms, such as Twitter and Reddit, can provide timely notifications and updates.

Moreover, players who experience these issues can share their detailed experiences and any error logs or metrics on the Overwatch forums, which might help developers identify the problem and expedite a fix. Creating threads or adding to existing ones describing these issues can increase visibility and pressure the developers to address the issue more promptly.

Stay Informed and Patient

While it is undoubtedly frustrating to deal with broken stay informed, provide feedback, and wait for an official update from Blizzard. This recent patch has clearly left a significant portion of the Overwatch community disappointed, but an imminent resolution should be forthcoming given the widespread impact on players.

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