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Most Watched Indian Tournaments of 2023

Most Watched Indian Tournaments of 2023

The 2023 esports season in India was filled with excitement and intense competition, especially for fans of Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI). According to Esports Charts, the top 5 most-watched Indian tournaments of 2023 were all focused on this popular title. Let’s take a closer look at these thrilling events and their highlights.

1. BGIS 2023 (233,610 peak viewers)

The Battlegrounds Mobile India Series (BGIS) 2023 was the first official BGMI tournament after the game’s unbanning. This LAN event boasted a prize pool of INR 2 Crores and introduced a lower bracket format for the first time. The new format gave eliminated teams a second chance to qualify for the Grand Finals LAN event.

2. India vs Korea Invitational (176,146 peak viewers)

The India vs Korea Invitational featured Korean teams going head-to-head against Indian teams for the first time in BGMI. This LAN event was streamed in multiple languages (English, Hindi, and Korean), and spectators could enjoy the action live at the venue. A prize pool of INR 1 Crore added to the excitement.

3. BGIS 2023 The Grind (167,746 peak viewers)

Prior to the main event, BGIS 2023 The Grind offered a chance for new teams to qualify. Due to a massive increase in team participation, 256 teams were invited to play, and the top 32 advanced to the main BGIS event.

4. BGMI IQOO Pro Series (167,438 peak viewers)

This tournament marked the official relaunch of BGMI after it was unbanned. With a massive prize pool of INR 1 Crore, the event was streamed exclusively on YouTube and attracted significant viewership.

5. BMPS 2023 Pro Series  (161,823 peak viewers)

The recent Battlegrounds Mobile India Pro Series (BMPS) 2023 event rounded out the top 5 most-watched Indian tournaments, thanks in part to its LAN Grand Finals. Fans could watch the event on Loco and YouTube, and the latter platform saw the most viewers. Like several other events in 2023, BMPS had a prize pool of INR 1 Crore.

While BGMI was undoubtedly the main attraction in the 2023 esports season, fans can expect other titles like Counter Strike and Valorant to gain more traction in 2024. India’s Counter Strike scene is undergoing a revival, and the Valorant community is looking forward to even more growth with events like Convergence 2023. The future of esports in India is bright and full of potential!

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