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Blackstone vs Deepslate: Comparing Minecraft’s Popular Building Blocks

Blackstone vs Deepslate: Comparing Minecraft’s Popular Building Blocks

In the world of Minecraft, Blackstone and Deepslate are the go-to building blocks for a variety of construction projects. These two materials have similar properties, but they’re also distinct in many ways, making your choice crucial depending on your desired outcome. Let’s dive deep into the world of Minecraft and uncover the key differences between these popular building blocks.

Physical Properties

Texture & Color

Blackstone has a darker, slightly more pronounced texture compared to Deepslate. As the name suggests, Blackstone is black and exhibits a cobblestone-like pattern. In contrast, Deepslate comes in shades of gray and has a more stratified, slate-like appearance.


Both Blackstone and Deepslate have the same hardness level in Minecraft – 3.5 – which means they both require the same amount of time to mine. It’s important to note, however, that Deepslate drops as Cobbled Deepslate (unless mined with a Silk Touch-enchanted pickaxe), whereas Blackstone remains in its default form when mined.

Crafting & Usage Differences

Crafting Options

Blackstone and Deepslate share similar crafting possibilities. Both can be utilized to craft stone tools, furnaces, brewing stands, and various types of stone building blocks such as bricks and polished variants. One difference, though, is that Blackstone can also be crafted into Gilded Blackstone, a rare decorative block with a chance of dropping gold nuggets.

Biome-Specific Attractions

Deepslate’s natural distribution is exclusively in the Overworld, mainly below Y=0. Consequently, players digging deep underground will inevitably come across it. Meanwhile, Blackstone exists solely in the Nether, specifically in the basalt delta biome and beneath the lava sea. This means players looking to get a hold of either material will need to venture into different areas.

Implementation, Strengths & Weaknesses

Aesthetic Preferences

When it comes to building structures, Blackstone’s darker, rugged appearance lends itself well to creating a more menacing vibe, such as a fortress or a dungeon. Deepslate’s smoother, grayish appearance is ideal for more polished and elegant builds like modern architecture or castle walls.

Blast Resistance

In terms of blast resistance, both Blackstone and Deepslate share a value of six, which makes them similarly resistant to explosions such as those caused by Creeper or TNT blasts. Consequently, these blocks are a great choice for constructing sturdy structures that can withstand such events.

Key Differences & Advice

Now that we’ve dissected the similarities and differences between Blackstone and Deepslate, the choice ultimately boils down to a few factors:

  1. Aesthetics: Select whichever block better suits the theme of your project based on color and texture preferences.
  2. Availability: Depending on your location in the game world (Overworld or Nether), one block might be more readily available than the other.
  3. Crafting Variations: If Gilded Blackstone and gold nuggets are important for your project, Blackstone becomes a more viable option.

In conclusion, neither block is inherently superior to the other. Both Blackstone and Deepslate have their respective strengths and applications, and your choice should be guided by your personal preferences and building goals. Ultimately, familiarity with these blocks’ unique properties will enable you to make the best decision for your project. With that in mind, happy building!

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