League of Legends 2023 Worlds Media Value Analysis

League of Legends 2023 Worlds Media Value Analysis

Esports data and analytics company, Shikenso Analytics, recently released a report outlining the impressive €133m media value generated by the 2023 League of Legends World Championships (Worlds 2023). This record-breaking media value surpassed that of the Mid-Season Invitational, which was valued at around €66m, and also outperformed other major esports events such as the Paris Major (€46m) and IEM Cologne (€31.28m).

Media Value Breakdown and Significance

Shikenso Analytics calculates media value using factors such as branded impressions, viewer location, and advertising costs. According to the report, co-streams accounted for almost 50% of Worlds 2023’s media value, demonstrating the effectiveness of this strategy in driving viewership, brand exposure, and overall event prestige.

The typical viewer demographics for this event, as revealed by Shikenso, were predominantly male (88.2%) and over 18 years old (90%). This valuable target audience likely contributed to the interest from major sponsors like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Mercedes-Benz, and Red Bull, which were ranked first, second, and third respectively in terms of generated media value. AWS alone generated a staggering €22.6m in media value.

Comparison to Major Sporting Events

While the €133m media value of Worlds 2023 is a record for esports, it is worth comparing to other major sporting events across the globe. For example, the Super Bowl, a benchmark in advertising events, generates an estimated media value in excess of $500m. On the other hand, events like the UEFA Champions League Final and FIFA World Cup Final generate media values of around €134m and €163m, respectively.

This comparison showcases the rapid and impressive growth of esports, with League of Legends Worlds 2023 closing the gap with traditional sports events, indicating the rising prominence of esports in the global sporting market.

Impact on Gaming Industry, Leagues & Sponsors

The impressive media value generated by Worlds 2023 is a powerful indicator of the continued growth of esports as a major player in the entertainment landscape. The gaming industry stands to benefit from increased revenue, partnership opportunities, and extended reach to new audiences.

For the GPL and other esports leagues, a higher media value attracts more sponsors, solidifies their position in the market, and allows them to invest more in the ecosystem, ultimately leading to bigger and more prestigious championships in the coming years.

Sponsors and partners also stand to gain from this increased media value, as they benefit from the expanded reach and impressions provided by successful events like Worlds 2023. Companies like AWS, Mercedes-Benz, and Red Bull have already made significant returns on investment, and this continued growth encourages more brands to enter the esports sponsorship space.

The Shikenso report highlights the exciting prospects for esports, as well as the continued growth and success of League of Legends as a flagship event in the gaming world. The €133m media value generated by Worlds 2023 cements the GPL as a powerhouse in the esports industry and offers a promising future for leagues, sponsors, and stakeholders within the gaming ecosystem.

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