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LCK Spring Split 2024: Everything You Need to Know

LCK Spring Split 2024: Everything You Need to Know

The Korean region’s highly anticipated 2024 season is here with the LCK Spring Split 2024.
Get ready for all the action and find out all the details below.

Introducing the LCK Spring 2024 season, the powerhouse region of League of Legends esports (LoL Esports) is back in full force. The LCK has made some exciting changes, including a double-elimination format for the playoffs and the integration of rosters with their Challengers League (CL) teams. The first split of 2024, the LCK Spring Split 2024, is set to kick off on January 17th, and the region has just released the full schedule.

Here’s everything you need to know about the LCK Spring Split 2024.

Standings Team Score
1 ⁠⁠Gen.G 4 – 0
2 ⁠⁠Hanwha Life Esports 3 – 0
3 ⁠⁠T1 02-Jan
4 ⁠⁠Dplus KIA 02-Feb
5 ⁠⁠KT Rolster 02-Feb
6 ⁠⁠FearX 02-Feb
7 ⁠⁠Kwangdong Freecs 02-Feb
8 ⁠⁠Nongshim RedForce 01-Mar
9 ⁠⁠DRX 0 – 3
10 ⁠⁠OKSavingsBank BRION 0 – 3

A Guide to the 2024 LCK Spring Split
After securing yet another Worlds title, T1 has brought the LCK’s total to a record-breaking eight championships. The LCK Spring Split 2024 will feature ten teams competing in a thrilling round-robin group stage. Here’s the format:

– Ten teams will compete.
– The matches will follow a double round-robin setup.
– Matches will be best-of-three (BO3).
– The top six teams will qualify for the LCK Spring Playoffs.
– The top two teams will receive a bye to Round 2 of the Playoffs.

Week 1

Date Match Time (CET) Score Winner
17th Jan DRX vs NS 9:00 AM 0-2 NS
GEN vs T1 11:30 AM 02-Jan GEN
18th Jan BRO vs DK 9:00 AM 0-2 DK
KT vs FOX 11:30 AM 2-0 KT
19th Jan HLE vs DRX 9:00 AM 2-0 HLE
T1 vs KDF 11:30 AM 2-0 T1
20th Jan BRO vs FOX 7:00 AM 0-2 FOX
NS vs GEN 9:30 AM 0-2 GEN
21st Jan KDF vs HLE 7:00 AM 0-2 HLE
DK vs KT 9:30 AM 01-Feb KT
Date Match Time (CET) Score Winner
24th Jan FOX vs HLE 9:00 AM 0-2 HLE
KDF vs KT 11:30 AM 02-Jan KDF
25th Jan DK vs NS 9:00 AM 2-0 DK
BRO vs GEN 11:30 AM 0-2 GEN
26th Jan KT vs T1 9:00 AM 0-2 T1
DRX vs FOX 11:30 AM 01-Feb FOX
27th Jan GEN vs DK 7:00 AM 02-Jan GEN
NS vs KDF 9:30 AM 0-2 KDF
28th Jan DRX vs BRO 7:00 AM 0-0 TBD
HLE vs T1 9:30 AM 0-0 TBD

Week 3 

Date Match Time (CET) Score Winner
31st Jan KDF vs DK 9:00 AM 0-0 TBD
KT vs BRO 11:30 AM 0-0 TBD
1st Feb T1 vs DRX 9:00 AM 0-0 TBD
FOX vs NS 11:30 AM 0-0 TBD
2nd Feb GEN vs KDF 9:00 AM 0-0 TBD
DK vs HLE 11:30 AM 0-0 TBD
3rd Feb DRX vs KT 7:00 AM 0-0 TBD
BRO vs T1 9:30 AM 0-0 TBD
4th Feb NS vs HLE 7:00 AM 0-0 TBD
FOX vs GEN 9:30 AM 0-0 TBD

Playoffs Format Explained:
– The playoffs will feature a double elimination bracket starting from Round 2.
– The first and second seeds will receive a bye to Round 2.
– Third to sixth seeds will start in Round 1, with the losers being eliminated.
– All matches will be best-of-five (BO5).
– The top two teams will qualify for the 2024 Mid-Season Invitational (MSI).

LCK Spring Split: Teams and Standings
The ten teams participating in the LCK Spring Split 2024 are as follows:

LCK Spring Split Schedule
The LCK Spring Season starts on January 17th with two thrilling matches between the top teams in the league. Please note that the times mentioned are in CET and may be subject to change.


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