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IQOO Pro Series 2024 BGMI Grand Finals Day 1 Recap

IQOO Pro Series 2024 BGMI Grand Finals Day 1 Recap: Dominance of Seasoned Teams and Upcoming Challengers

Day 1 of the IQOO Pro Series Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) 2024 Grand Finals was an action-packed affair, with seasoned teams showing their prowess while new challengers also putting up a good fight.

Medal Esports, Team Tamilas, Team XSpark, and IQOO Soul stole the limelight with their exceptional performances, dominating the event. Medal Esports stands as the table topper with an impressive 59 points and three chicken dinners. Team Tamilas closely follows in second place with 49 points. Team XSpark claims the third spot with 49 points, showcasing their skills with 35 finishes. IQOO Soul secures the fourth position with 48 points and a well-deserved chicken dinner. Entity Gaming wraps up the top five with 42 points.

Let’s dive into the match summaries from Day 1:

Match 1 on Erangel: OR Esports emerges victorious with 18 points, securing the first chicken dinner of the Grand Finals. Entity Gaming takes second place with 13 points, closely followed by IQOO Soul with 13 points as well. Hydra Esports secures the fourth spot with 11 points, while Revenant Esports claims fifth place with 8 points. Hamza “Blaze” Hyderabadwala stands out as the Most Valuable Player (MVP) of the match with 4 finishes. Gods Reign succumbs early, earning only 2 points.

IQOO Pro Series 2024 BGMI Points Table Grand Finals:

1 MEDAL ESPORTS 3 6 27 32 59
2 TEAM TAMILAS 0 6 27 22 49
3 TEAM X SPARK 0 6 35 14 49
4 TEAM IQOOSOUL 1 6 29 19 48
5 ENTITY GAMING 0 6 24 18 42
6 BLIND ESPORTS 0 6 33 8 41
7 HYDRA ESPORTS 1 6 23 17 40
8 GUJARAT TIGERS 0 6 30 9 39
9 GODS REIGN 0 6 21 13 34
10 OR ESPORTS 1 6 17 10 27
Match 2 on Miramar: Medal Esports snags a 16 point chicken dinner, while Team XSpark dominates the scoring with 22 points, including 16 via finishes. Shubham “NinjaJod” Sahoo steals the MVP title with 12 solo finishes. Entity Gaming secures third place with 10 points, followed by Gods Reign with 7 points. Dark Spirits Esports and Gujarat Tigers exit early, accumulating a single point each.

Match 3 on Sanhok: IQOO Soul claims a resounding 21 point chicken dinner. Gujarat Tigers showcases aggressive gameplay, earning 16 points with 10 via finishes. Godlike Esports secures the third spot with 13 points, while Team XSpark ranks fourth with 11 points. Entity Gaming puts up a commendable effort at fifth place, earning 6 points. Medal Esports and Gods Reign exit early with only 1 point each.

Match 4 on Vikendi: Medal Esports celebrates their second chicken dinner of the day with 20 points. Blind Esports impresses with aggressive gameplay, earning 18 points, including 12 via finishes. Team Tamilas showcases excellent rotations, securing third place with 11 points. Gods Reign earns 8 points, landing in fourth place along with Revenant Esports. Entity Gaming falls short, failing to score any points.

Match 5 on Miramar: Hydra Esports secures an 18 point chicken dinner. Sparsh from Hydra Esports earns the MVP title with 4 finishes. Team Tamilas secures second place with 13 points, closely followed by SkullTZ Esports with 11 points. IQOO Soul snags fourth place with 10 points. Gujarat Tigers earns 8 points, all through finishes, cementing their fifth place. Entity Gaming and Godlike Esports are unfortunate early eliminations, failing to score any points.

Match 6 on Erangel: Medal Esports snatches their third chicken dinner of the day with 16 points. Team Tamilas secures second place, earning 14 points. Entity Gaming and Team XSpark claim the third and fourth spots with 13 and 12 points respectively. Shubham “NinjaJod” Sahoo shines as the MVP with 5 solo finishes. Gods Reign earns fifth place, accumulating 9 points. FS Esports and IQOO Soul face early eliminations with only 1 point each.

Day 1 of the IQOO Pro Series 2024 BGMI Grand Finals showcased the dominance of seasoned teams. However, some previously strong teams like Carnival Gaming and Revenant Esports find themselves at the bottom of the points table due to inconsistent performances. With only 6 matches remaining in the Grand Finals, all teams will need to bring their A-game to have a chance at claiming the championship.

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