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Discover the Latest Free Fortnite Festival Songs Today!

Discover the Latest Free Fortnite Festival Songs Today!

Join the Fortnite Festival and unlock a daily rotation of Featured Songs for your immersive gaming experience. You don’t need to own the tracks to enjoy them on the Main Stage or any instrument!

Exciting News: New Songs Added!

Stay on top of the latest music releases in Fortnite Festival. Every day brings fresh, free songs to the rotation. Plus, keep an eye out for the clock icon on the Backstage as it highlights the four Featured Songs of the day. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to play these tracks, even if you don’t own their Jam Tracks.

Pat Benatar – “Heartbreaker”
Nine Inch Nails – “Less Than”
Nine Inch Nails – “March of the Pigs”
LMFAO – “Party Rock Anthem”
Bastille – “Pompeii”
KT Tunstall – “Suddenly I See”
The Cranberries – Zombie”

Grab Your Favorites Before They’re Gone!

Remember, both the New and Featured tracks change at 6pm CT, coinciding with the Fortnite Shop reset. If you can’t bear to part with a song, you can purchase it for 500 V-Bucks in the Shop and enjoy it forever. Otherwise, keep an eye out as the rotation brings back familiar tunes. Check out the complete list of today’s free Fortnite Festival songs available for play.

Fix the “No Songs Available” Glitch!

Encountering the dreaded issue of not seeing any songs in your Fortnite Festival list? Don’t worry, it’s likely a bug. Simply close and reopen Fortnite to resolve most connection issues. Restarting the game should restore the free songs list. If problems persist, try resetting your PC or console. In rare cases, Epic servers might be experiencing widespread issues, so stay updated through the Epic Status Page.

Join the Fortnite Festival and let the music guide you on your gaming journey. Don’t miss out on the electrifying beats and unforgettable tunes!

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