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Boruto Anime Delay: A Comprehensive Analysis

Boruto Anime Delay: A Comprehensive Analysis

Fans of the Boruto anime are quite anxious owing to the series’ return—or the lack of it. The anime announced an indefinite hiatus back in March 2023 after the release of episode 293. It’s been over 8 months since fans have received any update on the anime. Those who solely follow the anime are expressing discontent over the lack of updates, and there is growing speculation that the anime may not make a return anytime soon.

While it is hard to predict announcements and delays in schedule, there are a few signs that point towards the indefinite extension of the break.

Reason for Delay

First and foremost, the fanbase hasn’t received any update from the official team regarding the status of the anime. Furthermore, fans were expecting that the anime and manga series would be getting its own Super Stage at Jump Festa 2024.

There would have been a small chance that the series would have announced the anime’s return in Jump Festa 2024 if they had a Super Stage. This is another sign that the anime and manga series doesn’t particularly have massive announcements to make at the moment.

The Boruto anime has been on an indefinite hiatus since March 2023 after the release of episode 293. There are several reasons that contribute to this extended break:

  1. Lack of official updates: The fanbase hasn’t received any news from the official team concerning the anime’s status. In addition, fans were expecting a Super Stage at Jump Festa 2024, where announcements related to the anime and manga series could be made. However, this event seems unlikely to happen, leaving fans with little hope for significant news.
  1. Response to filler arcs: The production team had to deal with a considerable backlash from fans regarding the number of filler episodes being aired. The weekly release schedule demanded by the studio led to a decline in production quality and subpar content.
  1. Studio Pierrot’s commitments: Studio Pierrot, responsible for the production of Boruto, is also working on Bleach: Thousand Year Blood War, with the third part releasing in 2024. This commitment might have diverted the studio’s focus from the Boruto anime for the time being.

Current Status of the Anime

Another thing that could have factored into the decision taken by the official team was the response they received during the filler arcs. The fanbase was extremely unhappy with the sheer quantity of filler episodes that were being aired. It forced the studio to churn out content on a weekly basis, which led to a significant drop in the production quality. The studio’s attempt to maintain this weekly release schedule resulted in subpar animation and content.

Reception of the Boruto Sequel and Fans’ Dissatisfaction

Naruto enthusiasts have expressed discontent with the Boruto sequel for several reasons:

  • Excessive filler episodes with little relevance to the main storyline.
  • A drop in animation quality and production value due to a rushed release schedule.
  • Lack of substantial updates on the anime’s status and future plans.

Studio Pierrot’s Media Statements, Financial Position, and Development Pipeline

There have been no official updates from Studio Pierrot regarding the Boruto anime’s return, indicating that they might be focusing on other projects such as Bleach: Thousand Year Blood War. Studio Pierrot has not provided any information on their financial position or future development pipeline, leaving fans in the dark about the anime’s potential return

Impact on Fans

The Boruto anime could extend this hiatus and spend some more time working on the animation quality before the series returns. The manga has progressed quite a bit, and it has entered the post-timeskip stage.

Furthermore, it is important to note that Studio Pierrot is also responsible for the production of Bleach: Thousand Year Blood War. The third part of Thousand Year Blood War will be released in 2024. This means Studio Pierrot will most likely not have the time to focus on the Boruto anime in the upcoming year as well.

This is the perfect time to revisit the Boruto manga and understand the story arc that will be covered when the anime returns.

Future Expectations

Fans can pick up chapter 70 of the manga series, which is from the next story arc, known as the Omnipotence arc. This will be the final story arc before the events covered after the timeskip. The anime will return with this particular story arc, featuring Eida, who plays an important role in the progression of the plot. Furthermore, characters like Kawaki and Boruto will undergo massive changes and the stakes will get higher than ever.

After the Omnipotence arc comes Boruto’s Return arc. The manga’s title changes to Two Blue Vortex, which will focus on the events after the timeskip. All the latest chapters of the manga series are available on Viz and Shueisha’s MANGA Plus app for readers who wish to explore the source material.

Alternative Anime Recommendations for Naruto Fans

While waiting for the return of the Boruto anime, Naruto fans can explore other similar series to keep themselves entertained. Here are some recommendations:

  1. My Hero Academia: This popular anime features a strong emphasis on camaraderie, personal growth, and epic battles, similar to the Naruto series.
  2. Black Clover: Fans of Naruto will appreciate the strong bonds between characters, magical elements, and enticing story arcs in this anime.
  3. One Piece: This long-running series shares numerous themes with Naruto, focusing on friendship, adventure, and the pursuit of dreams.
  4. Hunter x Hunter: Like Naruto, this anime highlights the value of friendship, features compelling characters, and offers viewers a thrilling journey.
  5. Demon Slayer: With its stunning animation, extensive character development, and captivating storylines, this anime will undoubtedly satisfy Naruto fans.

In conclusion, while the Boruto anime remains on hiatus and its future is uncertain, fans can explore other similar series to keep themselves engaged. Until official updates are provided, it is crucial for fans to stay connected and support the franchise they love.

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