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ESL BGMI Snapdragon Pro Series 2024: Day 10 Standings

ESL BGMI Snapdragon Pro Series 2024: Day 10 Standings and Electric Match Summaries
Day 10 of the ESL BGMI Snapdragon Pro Series 2024 proves that greatness is not just a one-off feat—it’s a legacy being written by the game’s true titans. From seasoned champions to budding forces, the battlegrounds came alive with intensity, strategy, and the quest for glory.
As Entity Gaming positions itself at the apex, their 318-point rally is reinforced by a well-deserved chicken dinner. Hot on their heels, IQOO Soul’s five lip-smacking wins bring them a whisker away at 317 points. And not to be outdone, Chemin Esports showcases their mettle with 311 points and two savory victories.

WSB Gaming and Global Esports, with their flame-forged strategies, secure the fourth and fifth spots, with a tantalizing six chicken dinners between them. The competition is fierce, and every point matters in this adrenaline-fueled season.
In the arena, underdogs and rising stars like Chemin Esports and Alibaba Raiders emerge as the wildcards, challenging the status quo and pushing the veterans to the brink. Day 10 saw them carve out their niches, with performances that demand attention and respect from the entire mobile gaming community.
From the mid-match pivots to breakout moments, every play was an electrifying display of skill and precision. With Godlike Esports and WSB Gaming claiming their moments of triumph, and momentous plays from talented players like Savitar and Clutchgod painting the virtual skies—this is esports at its very best.
Match after match, Day 10 unfolded stories that are symbolic of the heart and spirit of competitive gaming. It’s not just the thunderous victory roars that echo through the arenas but also the resilience and guts that bring them about. From Erangel to Sanhok, the pixelated realms bore witness to relentless pursuits and stunning comebacks, keeping viewers and fans on the edges of their screens.


1 ENTITY GAMING 30 1 144 318
2 IQOO SOUL 30 5 156 317
3 CHEMIN ESPORTS 30 2 123 311
4 WSB GAMING 30 6 141 295
5 GLOBAL ESPORTS 30 1 155 279
6 GODS REIGN 30 3 125 263
7 REVENANT ESPORTS 30 2 107 251
8 GUJARAT TIGERS 30 1 127 246
9 BLIND ESPORTS 30 3 126 245
10 TEAM IFLICKS 30 2 111 243
11 ORANGUTAN 30 2 120 243
12 GODLIKE ESPORTS 30 2 108 238
13 TEAM FOREVER 30 2 107 234
14 CARNIVAL GAMING 30 2 99 230
15 ALIBABA RAIDERS 30 0 85 226
16 RECKONING ESPORTS 30 1 121 219
These match summaries are more than mere statistics; they’re the narratives of human spirit, unity, and relentless drive. Here, in the Pro Series, we don’t just follow teams—we witness the legacy they are crafting with every step, every shot, and every solitary stand.
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As this memorable day concludes, it’s not just about the numbers on the board but the stories etched in the history of BGMI esports. And as we look forward to the final stages, we do so with bated breath and spirits lifted—knowing that the best is yet to be played. The ESL BGMI Snapdragon Pro Series 2024 stands as a testament to the monumental potential of mobile gaming, bringing together a community that is as diverse as it is passionate.
Stay tuned as this remarkable journey continues, and as we say in the language we all understand—the game isn’t over till the chicken sings.

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