AniMela Festival Presents Kireet Khurana’s Electrifying Game Developer Zone!

AniMela Festival Presents Kireet Khurana’s Electrifying Game Developer Zone!

Get ready for the ultimate showcase of gaming, creativity, and innovation at India’s first AniMela Festival this January 18-21, 2024, at NFDC, Films Division Compound, Peddar Road, Mumbai!

Our esteemed Festival Director, Kireet Khurana, invites you to indulge in his inspiring Game Developer Zone – a platform designed specifically for aspiring game developers and animation enthusiasts alike. With the rapid growth of the AVGC-XR industry in India, it’s time to embrace our local talent and foster the development of exceptional gaming experiences.

 So, why should you be excited about this zone? Here’s a sneak peek into what awaits you:

– Learn from the best: The Game Developer Zone features workshops and masterclasses by renowned experts in the gaming industry. From game design and development to animation techniques and VR/AR technology, there’s something for everyone to explore.

-Here’s what you can expect at the exclusive Game Developer Zone:

🎮 Breathtaking Interactive Exhibits: Immerse yourself in the world of top-notch gaming and cutting-edge technology. Experience never-before-seen games in action from India’s leading game developers.

🤖 Intriguing AI and XR Experiences: Witness the future of gaming as AI and XR artists showcase groundbreaking projects that are bound to revolutionize the industry. Be part of the new wave of interactive and immersive entertainment.

🎤 Expert-led Workshops and Knowledge Sessions: Learn from the industry’s finest, including Akash Menon and Reliance Games, as they share their wealth of knowledge, secrets to success, and mentoring on game development, narrative techniques, and more.

🔍 Behind-the-Scenes Glimpses: Gain invaluable insights into the making of popular films and experience the melding of modern gaming within the entertainment world. Hear from leading filmmakers about the creative process of game design and the art of storytelling.

🌐 Networking Opportunities: Make connections with industry veterans, renowned game developers, filmmakers, and artists, all under one roof! Collaborate, brainstorm, and build strong relationships that could reshape the AVGC-XR industry in India.

Don’t miss this amazing opportunity to explore the groundbreaking works of Kireet Khurana and other talented developers at the heart of India’s thriving gaming industry. Ignite your passion for game development, and let the AniMela Festival be the catalyst that propels you to success!

LIMITED SPACES AVAILABLE – Secure your spot today and prepare for the most unforgettable and transformative experience at AniMela Festival! 🚀 🕹️

AniMela: Disrupting the gaming industry one pixel at a time. See you there! 🎉

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