All India Gaming Federation and Neokred Technologies Launch ‘Game Bureau’

All India Gaming Federation and Neokred Technologies Launch ‘Game Bureau’ to Revolutionize Online Gaming Industry

The All India Gaming Federation (AIGF) in partnership with Neokred Technologies, a leading banking as a service solutions provider, has recently announced the launch of an innovative initiative – the ‘Game Bureau’. The exclusive platform is designed to help online skill gaming companies enhance onboarding, fraud prevention, user insights and scoring measures, ultimately ensuring a more effective assessment and identification of customers.

A major milestone in AIGF’s ongoing efforts to promote a safe and secure online gaming landscape in India, the Game Bureau leverages Neokred’s advanced algorithms and technology to provide gaming companies with a comprehensive view for managing users. From onboarding to activity monitoring, the platform relies on a scoring system based on diverse parameters, ensuring a seamless user experience.

The Game Bureau encompasses a centralized repository as well as real-time monitoring features that actively track and analyze customer profiles. Entry is granted to genuine customers, while simultaneous notifications are triggered for suspicious or potentially fraudulent users. This streamlined identity authentication process promotes a positive customer experience and encourages ongoing engagement.

Roland Landers, CEO of AIGF, remarked on the launch of Game Bureau, stating that it “marks a significant milestone in our ongoing efforts to build a safe online gaming landscape in India. Together with Neokred, we will be setting a new benchmark for fraud prevention, user authentication, and overall customer experience in the online gaming industry.”

The Indian online gaming industry is rapidly expanding and evolving, becoming one of the fastest-growing sectors within the media and entertainment industry. The partnership between AIGF and Neokred Technologies is poised to have a substantial impact on this sector by addressing the growing challenges associated with user identification and security.

Behind the creation of the Game Bureau are top-notch developers and designers who have collaborated to create a state-of-the-art platform that not only caters to the gaming industry’s needs but also sets a strong example for other industries dealing with customer security and fraud prevention.

The launch of the Game Bureau highlights a pressing need for advanced user management solutions in the burgeoning Indian gaming industry. By safeguarding customer data and offering an enhanced gaming experience, the partnership between AIGF and Neokred Technologies marks a significant step forward in the ongoing effort to ensure a thriving and secure gaming ecosystem in India. As the online gaming sector continues to grow, the importance of initiatives like the Game Bureau cannot be understated, setting the stage for a bright and promising future for gaming in India.

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